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    I am 36 in June and very shy. This is the reason I chose the alias(username and photo) that I chose. I would welcome any kind people here who would like to be a friend and help me with advice and support as I am new to the world of crochet. I may be shy but you do not have to be. Feel free to say hello anytime. I would be happy to talk to fellow crochet enthusiasts and make new friends here along the way.
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    Writing Poetry, Listening to Music, Watching WWE Pro Wrestling, Diving Into Crochet
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  1. Hello everyone! I am new here and still shy and nervous as I am still a crochet beginner and have yet to learn the basic stitches. I am excited to jump into crochet and meet others here who would like to offer kindness, advice and friendship. Yes I am shy but i hope to hear from other members here. Even though I may be shy, I will still be happy to speak to anyone here who would like to be a friend.
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