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  1. Sorry one more question. Based off that video and the fact I crochet tight, would you suggest doing the chain and row 1 in the larger hook. Then switch to the right size? Or only do the chain in the larger hook?
  2. Thanks to both of you! I definitely think I need to do a larger hook for my initial chain. I tend to be too tight, so hopefully that will help. I'll check out the video and hopefully that will help as well!
  3. Ok crochet friends, I am a relatively beginner crochet, but I have done a large granny square blanket. Why is this happening!! It almost looks like I have too many stitches on the rows after the chain and row 1. It's granny stripes. So I chained 200, then went back and single crocheted into the chain skipping the first two chains. Then chained three and then started to do the double crochet clusters in every third chain; picking up both the front and back of the chain. ???? I'm even using a bigger gage hook then what the yarn calls for. Will it lay flat as I keep going and this is happeni
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