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    New to crochet started January 2017, fell completely in love with it.
    I live in a Zoo of pets which, along with my my husband, are my entire life (And all of my money, well except my yarn money ;) )
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    walking, hiking, horseback riding, reading, biking, spending time with my pets,
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    Blankets or Afghans I suppose
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    January 2017
  1. Hi all! As the title suggests I live in Canada, on the frozen prairies where it is cold as holy hell 6 months out of the year. I don't actually mind the cold to be honest I like it better then when it is painfully hot for a few months out of the year. It is because of our climate I think that I thought to pick up crochet as a hobby. Initially I started with knitting and failed hard repeatedly. Then I decided to pick up the crochet hook this year and haven't looked back. I really like crochet I even joined a local stitch and bitch group (they are all knitters though but yarn craft is yarn craft!). I live in my tiny house with a plethora of pets and my husband. My crochet is probably about 35% pet hair lol. Anyhoo nice to meet all of you!
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