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  1. Yup, there's one just a few minutes away. Very often better deals on yarn and supplies. Love it!
  2. crazyhooker


    I really like the rug I made with a Q hook and 4 strands of Sugar n Cream/Peaches n Cream held together. Or 3 strands and an N hook. You do have to back them so as not to kill yourself slipping, but the 3 strand one especially is nice on the feet.
  3. Oy, I am so not getting anywhere! Fortunately I am not adding to my woes, just starting and finishing small projects. Finished a hook case, working on a scarf, got the materials for another scarf as well. I am setting a goal to be done with this rainbow blocks baby afghan by the end of the month. It's adorable, this woven strip thing, but why oh why did I choose to make a ghan worked all in sc???
  4. There is a pattern for a hooded afghan on some of the Pound of Love baby colors. Looks cute and easy.
  5. pixie, I'll send ya some of my WIP if you need em, lol! I finished some squares I was doing for one of the charity folks here (another WIP that never was, did them all in a weekend). Then it hit me that I have no less than four more babies to come up with gifts for between now and July or so. Yikes! So I started a rainbow block afghan-- it's interesting, you make 18 strips, and then there's a body piece with openings for weaving in the strips. Lovely, but I think I am going to be v. v. sorry. Ch 170 for the foundation of each strip is, ummm, fabulous. Right then! I have to get my act together-- on top of the babies, I have a few birthdays in February, plus a secret pal thing I'm participating in for a non-crochet site. Maybe I better aim lower for some of my babies.
  6. I second the suggestion about bookmarks. Or you could do an edging, maybe to put on a guest towel for your bathroom or something. Many edgings are worked back and forth rather than in rounds, so if you're more comfortable with something flat, it might be an idea. cpc is my favorite
  7. Redheart, there is also a Sewing Expo at the IX Center in May! Tell me about the Hobby Lobby. Good prices? Different/better selection than Jo Ann or Catan's? They do have a nylon thread that I want, but being as Medina is an hour's drive for me I am somewhat reluctant.
  8. My goodness! That is *gorgeous*! Maybe I need to give eyelash a try after all.
  9. That is really pretty! What a great idea for a shower gift. I love me some quick projects.
  10. Finished my hook roll last night-- not bad for something I just sort of did by eyeball. The pockets on the inside are not exactly the most elegant, but it does the job. So, one thing done! I did start a new project tho I bought this great Jiffy variegated over the weekend, and with having my great new P hook (incidentally, g3studios on ebay makes a darn nice product!), I just couldn't wait. I think I will need more yarn than I have, lol So I guess I'm at net change of zero this week. Maybe I can knock out a broom doll over the weekend.
  11. Oh, man, I need this! I am going to finish the hook roll I started for myself. I need the sense of accomplisment I think How to prioritize the rest???
  12. Darski, I so agree I try not to be that fussed about gauge unless we're talking garments. I have made a number of baby round ripples with Caron SS. I believe I always use an H hook. You could definitely go bigger tho-- mine are pretty dense/heavy.
  13. Hello neighbor! I live in West Park. Tell me about your favorite yarn shop. I have always eyed River Yarns, but never went in. Welcome!
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