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  1. Bah. Ok then. Thank you! I will rip out the decreases and start again Better right then wrong! Thanks again!
  2. oh boy.... ok ladies. My aunt told me to decrease stitches I just simply SKIP a stitch and go into the next stitch. So for example in row 26 I single crocheted 5 in the first 5 stitches, skipped a stitch then stitched 5 in a row, skipped a stitch, etc... is that not right???? I watched a youtube video on how to decrease and it's not how I have been doing it. Although why would all of my numbers be adding up up to this point then??? Im lost, lol. Here is my project so far: https://capturetheheartphotography.pixieset.com/amigurumi-1/?pid=1046744573&id=0&h=MjIwMjczMzg2Mg Other then the head not being evenly stuffed yet, is it looking alright??? Am I going to have to rip out all of the rows I've done that have had decreases and do them the way you guys described? And I"m wondering why mine have gaps between the stitches and the picture of the front of the pattern doesn't. Is that just a tension issue? I've been trying to keep them really tight but I wonder if a thicker yarn would have filled the gaps in more. Thank you for your patience with me by the way!
  3. I am working on my first amigurumi project, a doll. This is my 2nd crochet project ever and I am not super great at reading patterns yet. Right now I have completed the head, I am at a part now where I am to decrease to form the neck of the doll but I can't seem to get my next row to add up (stitches wise). Here is a section of the pattern: Round 26 – 5 SC, dec – repeat –(36 SC) Round 27 - *4 SC, dec – repeat (30 SC) Round 28 - *3 SC, dec – repeat (24 SC) Round 29 - *2 SC, dec – repeat (18 SC), fill up the head. Continuing little body Round 1 – 3 single crochet in each stitch around (18 SC) I have completed round 26, the stitches added up to 36 no problem but when I get to round 27 I can't get the stitches to line up to 30, I end up with 28 and I can't see why? I was curious if the asterisk beside "4 SC" has anything to do with it? What do you ladies think? Is the asterisk code for something? Since this is the first time I've seen it used in this pattern I am wondering if I am missing something, if I am supposed to be doing something special on this particular round? Thanks! Here is the doll I am making: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/254892674/pattern-doll-viky-crochet-pattern?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share
  4. Had another look and nope - no instructions for the nose. But I'll try your suggestion, Granny Square! Thanks you gals!
  5. The doll will be about 12 inches tall. The french knot looks awesome, I wonder if you can just keep adding more in one spot to make a larger nose?
  6. Yes I did!! It cost me a fortune, but I hope it's worth it I'm pretty determined to finish this little doll, I started from the beginning using the tips you gave and so far it's going WAY better! I'll have to post a picture once I get the head done and get her eyes on. Any tips on how to sew the eyelashes, eyebrows and smile on? Also, the pattern just says, "I sew the nose on" but doesn't say anything about how to MAKE the nose.
  7. thank you so much for all the awesome tips!!! It's given me encouragement to try again, I was getting pretty frustrated last night! Here is the pattern I am doing: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/254892674/pattern-doll-viky-crochet-pattern?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share
  8. I started my first amigurumi project yesterday (2nd crochet project ever) and I can not for the life of me end up with the right amount of stitches. Every row I do I am either 2 or 3 stitches off and I can't figure out why. I won't know if I am losing count, or what but I had a friend come help me yesterday and she explained the pattern to me, so I know i am following it correctly but I can't seem to get the right amount of stitches whenever I finish a row. For those of you who do amigurumi often, do you just add the missing stitches when you are off? How often are you missing stitches? Also, with amigurumi or crocheting in the round, do you need to slipstitch at the end of every row, or only when there is a gap to fill between rows?
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