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  1. Off the hook is my brown grocery/beach bag. I used Scheepjes Catona and 3.5mm hook. It is my pattern.
  2. It was made with sewing thread (colour match to DMC embroidery floss No.3852) and 0.50 mm crochet hook.It measures 12 cm (4 3/4 inches) in diameter. This beautiful handmade miniature textured doily will add a special touch to your home or as a wedding/special gift. It is very light and airy and not suitable for everyday use. Frame it for beautiful lace wall art. For sale in my Crochet Knit Jewelry Etsy Shop , if interested
  3. Made into pendant, one strand of DMC thread and 0.50 mm steel crochet hook. Super time consuming!
  4. Another custom order finished this morning and shipped to Germany, crocheters purple ring with matching purple/black pendant. www.crafterjewelry.etsy.com
  5. I finally found it, my knitting mojo and finished a shrug for my daughter
  6. Blue Crocodile ???? crochet stitch sampler in a bottle, filled with teeny tiny wooden crochet hook and a bunch of yarn skeins. Round glass vial size: 2.5 cm/1 inch. The color Blue is the color of trust and responsibility. It's nature's color for water and sky but is rarely found in fruits and vegetables. Happy crocheting, Helga
  7. Hi, I'm Helga from Dubrovnik, Croatia. I'm a jewelry designer/maker for knitters & crocheters. My Etsy shop is CrafterJewelry All of my jewelry is handmade and unique made from my own designs and ideas. Happy knitting & crocheting! Helga
  8. Hi, This is one of my necklaces for crocheters I make and sell in my Etsy shop. Handmade teeny tiny wooden crochet hook, a bunch of yarn skeins and miniature rainbow blanket. Helga
  9. Hi and welcome to Crochetville. I'm new member too Helga
  10. Hi, I'm Helga and I'm from Dubrovnik, Croatia. I'm a jewelry designer/maker for knitters & crocheters. My favorite crochet hook is 0.30mm which I use to make my jewelry line. My favorite color is green. Beside making jewelry I crochet doilies, amigurumis, bags and blankets. Also I do both, knit and crochet. Looking forward to meet new friends Helga
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