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    Crochet, Baking, Animals.
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    Toys, blankets, amigurumi, baby items
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  1. Hi All! My name is Ro im 26 from England, only been crocheting for a couple of years but i am absolutely loving it and now the yarn is starting to take over my life! Apart from crocheting i also love to bake - mostly cake Looking forward to getting to know some new people and hopefully learn some new techniques and stitches. Ro xx
  2. Hello from England! Oh my word those little mini crochet hooks are adorable! xx
  3. Hi All, I have been looking for a while now for a Postman Pat and Jess the Cat crochet pattern for a stuffed toy but all i can seem to find anywhere is knitting patterns If anyone has any ideas or a pattern or even could help me out with converting a knitting pattern to crochet that would be amazing Ro xx
  4. Ro-Cro

    Postman Pat

    Thanks for replying, i'm in the UK and i think it may be a British TV show for kids, Ill have a look see what i can do with the converting from knot to crochet thanks for the help
  5. Ro-Cro

    Postman Pat

    Hello All, This may be in the wrong place, but I have been looking for some time for a crochet pattern of postman pat and jess the cat and have not been able to find anything anywhere, all I seem to come across is knitting patterns? Any help would be mightily appreciated
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