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  1. If you have an old pair of tennis shoes/sneakers you can cut off most of the top (leave enough to use to stitch top to sole) and then use any number of methods to attach the crochet sock/slipper to the sole. 


    Possible more than you want to spend, but I have always glued in a Dr School type shoe line to give a smooth base. But I tend to make things to last so don't mind spending a little extra.


    Long ago I did a pair that attached the crochet slipper using a hand picked zipper.  This allowed me to remove the sock portion for washing


    Another time I modified a pair of sandles by attaching velcro to the straps and also to the back of the crochet strips.  One base, many looks (and something to do with the yarn left over from tote or even a purse.   This also can/has worked with some addtional effort (cleaning the shoe being upcycled)


    If you have normal sized feet, clear clogs or boots, not inexpensive but more versatile so many worth investing, are the clear clogs and boots.

    If you are comfortable wearing them, either Crocs or the knock offs work really well as a base as the wholes are already punched. 

    Great advice. I think that I will do this.

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