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  1. I found a vintage pattern for this cute little rooster. It won first prize in our local fair last summer. I tried three times but the scallops on the tail feathers did not want to block nice and round.
  2. It took a year. Many frustrated sessions and a little anger but I completed the Between Meal Centerpiece for my local fair and the 2018 New State Fair and took best in show at both. The state fair win was the biggest joy. At 32" across it is the largest thread piece I have ever done and required a second round of blocking between fairs. The only thing that I am dissapointed with is the color. Even with two balls of the same lot there is a difference, the last 20 rounds are slightly lighter.
  3. I can have this problem too and I really think it has something to do with the repetitive motion. I find that my arms rub on the project or my clothing and then they get red, warm and itchy. It helps if I rub my arms periodicly and put the project down for five minutes. There are times though when I wonder if I am allergic to the dye that is used. Hope it get's better for you.
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