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  1. I found a vintage pattern for this cute little rooster. It won first prize in our local fair last summer. I tried three times but the scallops on the tail feathers did not want to block nice and round.
  2. It took a year. Many frustrated sessions and a little anger but I completed the Between Meal Centerpiece for my local fair and the 2018 New State Fair and took best in show at both. The state fair win was the biggest joy. At 32" across it is the largest thread piece I have ever done and required a second round of blocking between fairs. The only thing that I am dissapointed with is the color. Even with two balls of the same lot there is a difference, the last 20 rounds are slightly lighter.
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  4. Great:clap in this economy it's nice that people are able to find a little extra to help out.
  5. I tried using them but it was pointless because I had to open them so often. The plastic does leave a smell and like alot of people I had at least three bags never work right. Overall they are fine for long term storage but not for something you are using alot.
  6. I am trying to do more large thread pieces so I did this pattern http://freevintagecrochet.com/doilies/7714-doily-pattern.html I used size 10 thread and an No.8 hook but it came out small 12 inches long and 8 inches wide but I still like it. It is also the first time I used starch to block.
  7. Here's a link to the online catalog page with the info. http://www.herrschners.com/catalogs/hr_sbc_page.aspx?skill=CD&page=4
  8. I completely updated mine with all new wishes so I just removed the wishes I was granted from my old wishlist. Going back and looking through the older lists is nice because many of those people have probably forgotten what they put down so it would be a truely unexpected RAOK.
  9. Here is the one I did for a cousin I just didn't do all the squares so that it was baby sized. http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/AfghansThrows/LW1669+Refreshing+Throw.htm
  10. WOW WOW that all I can say WOW:applause
  11. You know how painters sign their work, well I've thought that why not make those last few stiches a "signature" by using a different color to finish.
  12. I rarely take my work anywere anymore but I do have a large canvas bag nothing fancy just one of those bags given out at confrences, it has two small pockets inside. I use it when I am working on big projects like clothing and afghans. I also have a folding knitting bag (found at a yard sale) that I can keep next to the couch or by my bed. It's nice for small projects. I have to have this!!!!
  13. I think alot depends on the main focus of the book. For me personaly I like pattern books to have at least ten patterns they don't have to be anything fancy just enough to make me look twice. Can't wait to see wait to see the finished book.
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