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    Married almost 12 years to a wonderful man and have a daughter and son together.
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    Huron,South Dakota
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    Crochet, Jigsaw puzzles, family genealogy, Bowling,cooking, Reading and taking pictures
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    Working with person's with disabilities
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    Hats, Scarves,Ripple Afghans, Granny squares, and toddler items for my children
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    Since 2001
  1. Very cute kiddos and awesome hats. My 4yr old would like one of those too. Did you use a pattern or make up as you went?
  2. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I think I have found a pattern that I like and want to keep making them for other kids in my family.
  3. Made this pink and black Tabbaggon style hat for my daughter. She stole it after trying on so I still need to add a tassel or fringe to the tip. See pics on my blog at http://sodakmomma.blogspot.com/ Please follow me on my blog as well I have only one!
  4. I like those!! Will have to try them out after I get my santa hat done. Thanks for sharing the pattern. By the way I am a follower on your blog now. Please, visit me as well. http://sodakmomma.blogspot.com/
  5. My daughter wanted to be a black cat this year but we couldn't find a tail piece to go with the ears headband, so I tried my best to make one. I used the I Cord purse handle directions only using a size J hook and fun fur with a strand of black ww yarn held together. I posted pics on my blog to share http://sodakmomma.blogspot.com/ I thin it looks cute and my daughter is very happy.
  6. Would love everyone to stop by and visit my first blog! I finally figured out some minimal things to get it going. Hope to add pictures soon too. http://sodakmomma.blogspot.com/
  7. Hey everyone, just wanted to share my blog with everyone. Bare with me I am just learning and so far only one post but will keep adding a few a week. Need to learn to add pictures so I can share my crochet projects. Please stop over and let me know what you think. I welcome suggestions and tips for improvements. http://sodakmomma.blogspot.com/
  8. Is that the RH Earth and Sky? I think it turned out very cute but I like earthy colors.
  9. I was born and raised in the QC! moved away 10 years ago, but go back often to see my brother and other family there!
  10. I agree about line being so long. I am resorting to ordering them from Amazon!! Finally talked DH into letting me order all the rest of Twilight series and the Sookie books!! Then I will only have to wait on myself to get them read! However I will fit my crochet projects into the picture as well. Have you joined the 50 book challenge 2009? I decided I would this year because I have really been slacking these past few years with my reading. Mainly because I am a first time mom to a now 3 yr old. It's so cold here that staying home and reading or crocheting is just perfect!
  11. I am currently using FF and love it! I should have switched a year ago, but was stubborn to try. Now I am kicking myself.
  12. Our local Walmart got rid of the fabric already and I inquired about the yarn being done away with and the clerk stated she didn't know. Wondering if this is happening all over the states? Very disappointing as there is no other LYS within 50 miles of our town. Bad enough when Walmart came the Ben Franklin closed. I am crossing my fingers they are keeping the yarn and bead section.
  13. I love that show and noticed the crochet touches too. I can't wait for the new season and dying to read the books, but our library doesn't have them.
  14. I love series books! Seems like there may be lots to check into now. Thanks, for the heads up.
  15. I too am hooked on the HBO series and waiting for the books to appear at our library! So far they have not ordered the series, but it is on the list for 2009. Nothing like being behind times. LOL Do you know when the 2nd season comes to HBO? I don't wanna miss it! I just finished Twilight and also on a waiting list to read book 2. Went all the way to the library and found out I am #4 on the waiting list!! I think I am going to check out the Gerry Bartlett books if they have those.. Have to check tomorrow.
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