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    I'm 25, a part-time comic shop lackey, recently married, and occasionally designing patterns
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    Reading, writing, pattern design, comics, movies
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    comic shop lackey [and, yes, the job is awesome]
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    Hats, scarves, blankets, purses, clothes designed by other people
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  1. Made of Caron Simply Soft with an I-hook and some time to burn on the weekend. They're warm, easy-to-make, and easy to adjust if needed. The pattern, if you're inclined: http://gaylefrancisdesigns.wordpress.com/2008/10/27/crochet-pattern-arm-warmers/
  2. 1 shrug for a tutorial I'm writing up, and I'm getting my measurements down for a pencil skirt I hope to start over the weekend. Gayle
  3. This is a lovely set of thread work. I've no patience for the tiny, tiny stitches involved with thread work. Your patience is amazing, as is your stitching. Gayle
  4. The yarn is Red Heart Light and Lofty. I used a P-hook, and the stitch pattern is as follows: sc in first sc. Ch 1. Skip next sc, and sc into following sc. You need an odd number of starting chains so that the pattern will always ends on a sc. Hope that helps! Gayle
  5. I love the purple diamond purses! That's such a neat idea for gifts. If I get near Christmas and find myself in need of filling a present slot, I think I'll go purse. Gayle
  6. I'm completely self-promoting here, but what you have left is perfect for one of my patterns: Utterly Easy Blanket Pattern At least, I think it's just the right amount. I never did a yardage check. Best of luck! Gayle
  7. Just remember that it's all about the measurement. As long as you know how long you need the rectangle to be, it's really easy to get the shrug to fit. Best of luck! Gayle
  8. Finding myself bored last night, and with some super-bulky yarn to blow off, I figured it was time to make a shrug. I've never made one before, finding most of the patterns online to either be not my taste or with finished project pictures that made them look sloppy, so I winged it. This is going to sound slightly ridiculous, but I've never stopped to consider that a shrug is simply a rectangle that gets turned into a tube. I'm a very visual person, but turning shapes into other shapes does not come naturally to me, so it took me awhile to get that. I used a P-hook and Red Heart Light and Lofty in dark red. I measured from the bottom of my elbow to the top of my shoulder and then I measure across my shoulders. Elbow-to-shoulder was 12 inches, and then shoulder-to-shoulder was 15, so I added 12+12+15 and came up with 39. I crocheted my rectangle until it was 40" long and then remeasured. I put markers at 12" on either end of the shrug, folded over, and seamed with a slip stitch. It fits well, and I think it looks well-made. I'm probably a bit more proud of it than is strictly necessary, but it's rare my first tries come out quite so dead-on. The front, with one arm up: The back with one arm up: The front, with both arms down: Comments, questions, and critiques are always welcome!
  9. I made it up. It's all just sc and ch stitch, and it worked up really fast. I'm hoping to have a pattern up on my website sometime soon. As I'm having to make two, it allows for a tester without any extra effort. Gayle
  10. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v306/perpet/crochet/shawl_2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v306/perpet/crochet/shawl_3.jpg Yarn: Patons Brilliant, four skeins Hook: H-hook I'm getting married in May, and I wanted to give my girls something special for not only standing up at my wedding but for also putting up with me beforehand [i am not a natural bride]. After some thought, I decided a shawl would be best, as I'm having an evening wedding, and it would allow the ladies to stay warm and still look quite chic. It took a couple tries to find a stitch pattern I really liked, and I'm extra-fond of the chosen stitch pattern because it's nothing but single crochet and chain stitches, which makes it simple and also very easy to remember as person after person asks about my wedding. Gayle
  11. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v306/perpet/crochet/ruffle_hat_1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v306/perpet/crochet/ruffle_hat_2.jpg Yarn: Joann's Angel Hair [main hat]; Moda Dea Cheerio [trim] Hook: P-hook I whipped up the basic hat just to kill off a skein of Angel Hair I'd had lying about for months, and once it was done, I felt it was a bit boring, so I got a bit creative, worked between some stitches, and came up with the brim. It was green-on-green to begin with, and so I grabbed the Cheerio to give the brim a noticeable touch.
  12. Over a year ago, I crocheted myself a very cute little <a href="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v306/perpet/crochet/purple_beret_side.jpg">beret</a>. My hair's gotten considerably longer since then, and the hat barely fits now [i've gained an inch around my head due to the thickness of my hair]. This, of course, prompted a new hat. 2 Skeins, Lion Brand Incredible, N-hook 2 Skeins Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande, N-hook The really interesting part about these hats is that they're made of the same yarn weight with the same hook and off the same pattern, but due to how they work up and drape, one looks slightly more fitted then the other. I love 'em both. Gayle
  13. Thank you! I love the Brites section of the Caron line. In fact, the next run of these patterns will be worked up in the hot pink. Gayle
  14. I have a tradition with my sister-in-law, that every time I see her, I make her a hat. It's a challenge for me, as she wants something I haven't done before, and I'm usually on a pretty tight schedule. She loves them all, but she swears this is the best one yet. Maybe because the original was made in a really pretty denim blue. Maybe because my brother immediately asked for one of his own. All I know is that I made a cute hat. Lucky for me, I'm very much in the habit of writing down my steps while I work, so I can always whip up another one. Which I did with excellent results. In fact, I had enough left over from the skein that I whipped up a pair of wrist cuffs while I was at it: And there was still a tiny bit of yarn left over. Not quite enough to do anything with, but still, leftover yarn. I'm quite impressed with both myself and the amount of yarn Caron can fit on a skein. In fact, I'm so impressed I've also written up the pattern for general use. You can view it here. The rest of the website is down for a bit of routine maintenance, but the pattern is ready to rock. Gayle
  15. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v306/perpet/crochet/twist_stitch_hat_side.jpg I whipped this up on a long car trip a couple of weeks ago. Turns out I can make a hat in about four hours. Or, at the very least, I can make this hat in about four hours. Lily's cotton yarn, and H hook, and uninterrupted time are all a girl needs, really. Gayle
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