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  1. I don't think you can avoid a jog in this instance. You could either: 1 - Start over again and make the rounds joined. This will avoid any jogs. 2 - You can find a point where it is less likely to be seen and start the 'new' round from there, like under the arch of the foot maybe? Spiral rounds are good for amigurumi where only sc is used (and as I learnt recently, if you use one colour) otherwise I would stick to joined rounds. I hope this helps.
  2. Thank you for your reply, redrosesdz. I worked a magic circle and the rounds were spiralled. I can see that my original post didn't specify this so I've edited it, sorry for the confusion! What I did was finish the 12th stitch of the round with the new colour, made the first stitch of the new round as a slip stitch instead of a dc and proceeded with the round in dc. I used the technique from this clip. I see what you mean though and it does make sense when joining colours. I'll have a play around on the second arm and see what I can achieve. Many thanks!
  3. Hello! I am making a multi-coloured giraffe amigurumi for a baby shower. I'm trying to keep the colour changes as smooth as possible, which is proving a challenge when the rounds are spiralled. One method I found was joining the next colour when completing the last stitch of the round and making a slip stitch as the first stitch rather than a dc (or sc for US) on the next round. Unfortunately, I noticed that when looking at my giraffe's arm the colour changes appear to be in a spiral going up the arm. I've attached a picture to show you all. I'm not quite sure how to fix this. I
  4. Hello all I have only started crocheting a few months ago and I wish I started years ago, I love it! I have mastered most of the stitches and have made a face cloth, two coffee sleeves, a lace scarf for my mum's birthday and four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I am primarily a knitter but I find crochet works much quicker and gives you more variety in texture and shapes. If I want to start a project, like a cardigan, I am more inclined to use a crochet pattern than a knitted one because there are far more choices which reflect my style. I have a lot more to learn, like reading
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