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    I was taught to crochet by a friend when I was a teen but I didn't take to it really until college. Married with a new baby and trying to figure out how to keep crochet in my life!
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    PT Member Service Center Rep and SAHM
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    Everything! Although I would say I probably enjoy anything with lacework the most :-)
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    since 2009
  1. Ya, I think it does look similar to what I'm doing so far so I must be doing it okay. Thanks for the visual Granny Square!
  2. Thank you both for your quick responses! Kathy, I like your little workaround. and Sharon, I'm thinking I might push forward to row 3 just to see what happens and if I can use your advice. My brain is a bit foggy lately with a 5 month old keeping up at night so I'm having a hard time grasping what I believe should be simple concepts lol
  3. (My second attempt at posting...I spent an hour composing my previous post and the system said there was an error when I tried to post it I literally cried.) Anyway, I'm sick of this pattern I've been working on it so long and the little girl I'm making it for is going to be too big for it if I don't finish it soon but I've hit a snag. This is what it should look like: I've just gotten to the sleeves and the pattern reads: With right side of work toward you, attach thread in 6th row to right of shoulder seam, ch 4, work 3 shells to shoulder seams and 3 shells the other side of sh
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