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    Crochet, sewing, card making, embroidery, reading, riding my motorcycle
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    blanket motifs
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  1. I had one Candy Shop hook break but I have been using my Odyssey hooks for several years quite extensively and have never had a problem. The Candy Shop are pretty to look at but I believe the Odyssey hooks are constructed stronger. Furls replaced the Candy Shop hook immediately.
  2. My crochet started in 2013. My brother was being treated for cancer at MD Anderson in Houston, TX (He is great now and cancer free) and I needed something to do with my hands for the long hours and days at the hospital. I sorta kinda remembered the granny stitch from my childhood and started there. I then discovered tutorials on YouTube. As a result, I am now 1 skein of yarn away from appearing on an episode of hoarders. I am retired and have the luxury of almost limitless time for my addiction. This is such a wonderful craft and I learn something new almost daily. Looking forward to learning more from everyone in this forum.
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