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  1. The photo amplifying the story regarding breastfeeding mothers features a crocheted beanie... appropriate for the story!! http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/lifematters/breastfeed-ban-sparks-mothers-mall-protest-20110120-19xsy.html
  2. I had to :crochetingwhip up in very short time a baby gift for a workmate who is enormously pregnant and leaving work today. ( Yes, I've only had nine months notice!) Modifying one of my old patterns The Avatar Afghan and using 9 balls of a delicious Bamboo and Merino blend :yarnyarn in ivory and lilac I made this little Baby Afghan! It's 17 shells across by 24 repeats high, which makes a nice size afghan and was very gratefully received. I have written down the pattern and it's on my blog - it took me 8 hours to make, so if you are desparate for a quick and easy Baby sho
  3. It's been over two and a half years since I started the Lace weight Christening Gown. In that time, it has travelled about 28,000 km with me, has used 1500yds and still is only on repeat 24 of the shells in the skirt. I intend to go to 51 repeats in the skirt, and then make an underskirt from voile or a super fine silk, trimmed with a repeat of the open crescents.
  4. My first brag post in a very very long time! A(nother!) RR done in locally produced merino from coloured sheep. So the yarns are actually as is - a fair bit of vm, but the depth of colour in the chocolate is really something. It's 9 to 18 to 36 points and used 780gm of yarn. Haven't measured it yet but it's about 6ft.
  5. Noro, I have to say, was probably the most disappointing yarn to work with. I bought two balls of the Silk Garden to make a scarf (and the finished product is in my blog) and seriously? How could you make wearable socks from this?? The colours may be lovely, but the texture isn't what I had thought/hoped for. After that - Patons Big Baby splits like a Hollywood couple, There's some horrible acrylics available that feel like plastic jute and I detest trying to crochet with novelty yarns.
  6. It's all fairly fine - lace and fingering weight pure wool yarns, there's some glittery types as well. There's several lots of Cashmere/merino blends, organic cottons, viscose, tencel blends etc etc. They are also selling industrial sewing machines, overlockers etc etc. I've placed bids on about 100kg of :yarnyarn:yarn so far (oh:eek boy....) Fortunately for me it's only about a 2-3 hour drive away and I have a horse float I can use. They also have a couple of washing machines for sale - if they go cheaply I'm thinking I might bid because I could use one for washing horse rugs.
  7. The combination of a swift and a ball winder is irresistible to visitors though. I had a friend's 8yo son come to visit and he saw the 3000m of laceweight silk I was in the process of winding. He wanted a go and before he left, I had a mountain of yarn cakes replacing the pile of skeins and had promised very faithfully that he could come and do it again.
  8. There is an online auction of the warehouse of a Textiles Manufacturer in Sydney, Australia who has gone into receivership. The yarn is being sold in lots of 20KILOS!!! and comes in merino, lurex, cotton, silk/cotton blends etc. The starting price is $9 and the auctions fniish this weekend. If anyone is interested in going shares in one (or more) of the cartons (there is a lot of listings) could you please pm me?
  9. Royal Canberra Show is the BIG Show for the Australian Capital Territory, held annually on the last weekend in February. The show is divided into sections for Open challenge, Vintage and historic, Novice, Non-Professional, Professional, Competitors over the age of 65 and Competitors with a Disability. One of the pieces I entered was the Filet I did as part of the Greek Games CAL last year. It was my own design (in itself a challenge) and commemorates ANZAC Day, a milestone in Australia's history, said to be when we truly became a nation. I am entirely thrilled to announce that this
  10. I think that baby blanket is seriously gorgeous in design, but that shade of green:eek.. Why, oh why???
  11. It is available on etsy:crocheting - I just don't know the rules about linking to something for sale and didn't want to transgress.... and yes - I have a little more time in my life
  12. This is my first post in a long time!!! This was my version of Bluebeary Treasures Harvey Thumper pattern, He's made from Patons Soft Haze Mohair / Bamboo blend (the beige) and Patons Caressa (Mohair blend) for the white and is about 12" tall - including his ears. This was my entry in the Kids safe toy section at Canberra Royal Show- hence his eyes are embroidered and he won a First. He drew a lot of attention from children, expecially my little helper for the setup day, who was thrilled:cheer when I gave him to her .
  13. Really, really beautiful!! :c9Love the choice of colours and the patterning!! your daughter will be thrilled! Manda
  14. A very lucky find indeed! I bought the Peter Rabbit pattern book on eBay a couple months back - certainly worth it!!! Manda
  15. http://www.anniesattic.com/detail.html?prod_id=22255 This is the one I am making in laceweight merino...only taken me a year so far Manda
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