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    My name is Chelle,

    I have 3 children, married to the best man that I could've been blessed with. Crocheting is my life. I love to skype with other ladies that crochet.
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    Indianapolis, IN, USA
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    Crocheting, taking care of my children and Family
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    stay at home momma of 3 and wife
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    17 years
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    blankets and Afghans
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  1. Looking for people in the Indianapolis, in area. I'd also love to Skype with others that crochet that aren't local. I'm a stay at home mom and married so i prefer other ladies. Tia
  2. Hello, how are you? I stay in Indianapolis, where abouts are you hun?
  3. hello all, I'm Chelle from Indiana. I love crocheting and making new friends. i would like to find ladies to crochet with over skype.
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