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    Utah, USA
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    Crochet, Playing Piano, Chasing my toddler around
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    Domestic Engineer
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    Off and on since 2003, I started finding patterns I liked in 2016
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    Hats and Blankets, Anything with cables
  1. Looking for anyone local who crochets in Cache Valley. Finding knitters is easy but I've struggled finding anyone to crochet with. Anyone in the valley would be great
  2. Mountain Made

    Jessica from Cache Valley

    Thanks magiccrochetfan! I was looking for one earlier and couldn't find it!
  3. Hey all, I've been working on a knitted pattern hat and it's my fifth? knitted project and it is taking days to complete. Does knitting ever get faster, or is it just the price you pay to sometimes have projects work a certain way? (I've been crocheting for years and never had a hat take anywhere near this long) I'm using Caron Simply Soft and a size 7 needle. Is there any way to get faster besides practice? Thanks!
  4. Mountain Made

    Jessica from Cache Valley

    Hi there! I'm looking forward to using the resources of a crochet community. I'm also looking for a local crochet buddy in Cache Valley, UT