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  1. Sure thing (oops, it was chain 5, but I've had this issue with other patterns too): Rnd 1: Ch 5, sl st in first ch to form ring, ch 1, 16 sc in ring, join with sl st in beg sc (16 sc)
  2. Thank you! I didn't even think about a magic circle. I've used those for hats, and I also used a starting chain for some lace projects. I'm a rule follower, so if it says chain 6, I chain 6! LOL My hand is sore from trying to jam all the stitches in the loop for this one doily I really wanted to make. I'm going to go try it with a magic circle now. I actually like a circle in the center of my doilies, they're doilies after all.
  3. Thank you for the welcome! I'm from Vancouver, WA, in the great Pacific NW!
  4. Hello! I have crocheted off and on for years, but have discovered a love for lace and thread doilies in the past year. I'm slowly becoming my Grandma ;-)
  5. I have been crocheting thread doilies for about a year now, and have found that I am unable to work in all the starting stitches in a starting loop with some patterns. The most recent doily said ch 6, join to make loop, ch 16 sc in loop. I could not fit 16 sc in the loop! I tried changing hooks, still didn't work. I'm using 10 thread 1.5 mm steel hook. Grrrr and thank you for any tips or help you all may have!
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