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    Jo Ann
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    I am an avid crocheter, seamstress and housewife. I have 2 children and 3 stepchildren. I also was blessed with 15 grandchildren.
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    Crochet, knitting, sewing, crafts and finding new projects.
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    I have been crocheting, since I was 9 years old
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    Booties, toys, Afghans and other clothing
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  1. Jojo61


    God Bless them all for our freedom🇺🇸
  2. Jojo61

    Hello from the North!

    Nice to have you, I'm also from northern Michigan. I just wish our winters weren't so long , brrrrrr❄☃️❄☃️❄☃️❄
  3. HAPPY to see another Michigander , like myself , here. I'm also retired and have crocheted , since I was 9yrs old. Look forward to seeing you again, on the blog😃
  4. Jojo61


    That must be a beautiful combo of colors! Glad so many are jumping onboard☺
  5. Jojo61

    IN search of afghan pattern JADE TREASURES

    I haven't come across this one, but I will keep my eyes open for it.
  6. Jojo61

    Howdy fellow yarn players...

  7. Jojo61


    Not sure what you mean.
  8. Jojo61


    I'm confused. I started to chain 8 and secure it with a slip stitch, that seemed to look good, but I goofed on the web placement and had to remove it all. I'm not sure if the web goes all the way down to the border at the bottom of the hat, in the back or if it just stops mid way. Ive never tried to free-hand a spiderweb , in my life😔
  9. Jojo61


    Welcome from Michigan!!
  10. Jojo61


    How do i crochet the web on the hat?
  11. Jojo61

    Crocheting in Louisiana

    I let my crocheting go, after I went through a divorce, almost 30 years ago. I'm having a blast! I am stuck though, on a Spiderman hat. I just can't seem to get the web right. Not having a pattern it's a new adventure,😃 The pattern below, claimed it was free, unfortunately it isnt.😣
  12. Jojo61


  13. Jojo61


    Yes, Michigan is an awesome place,but our winters are getting too cold. I'm retired and enjoy crocheting items for kids and adults. I'm stuck on putting the web on my Spiderman hat. Being my worst critic, I'd like it to look perfect, but so far, ugh😣
  14. Jojo61

    New (sort of)

    Welcome back! Any ideas on how to make a spiderweb on a Spiderman hat?
  15. Jojo61


    Glad to see so many crochet! I need a pattern to crochet the Tigger hat , from Winnie the pooh, does anyone out there know where I can find one? Ty in advance.