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  1. krzykajun

    Help with colors

    Thanks to all of you. Granny Square, I'm going to save your suggestions for later use. I had not thought of that. Katyallen, I was extremely lucky. I am using RHSS Hot Red. This yarn is a minimum of 10 years old. I checked at WalMart and sure enough, they had some and although there is a slight difference in the color, I'm amazed at how close it is.
  2. krzykajun

    Help with colors

    ThRedrosesdz that's what I was thinking. I'm stash busting and had promised myself that I would use only the yarn I have on hand. But, I think I will try to get more red. Kathy, I'm afraid that it will look odd if the sides don't match. Does that make any sense? Thanks for the help.
  3. krzykajun

    Help with colors

    I'm over half way through another lapghan. It's red, white and blue. I miscalculated and I will not have enough red and naturally the last band of red is supposed to be the last 7 rows of the blanket. Short of frogging (my answer when things don't go my way or I've done something stupid), what would you do? Thanks.
  4. krzykajun

    My Inspired Block Throw

  5. krzykajun

    Will Blocking Help?

    olg, I have found that I can always count on getting the answers I need here. There are some very talented members who are ready to help with advice or tips. Welcome to the 'Ville !!
  6. krzykajun

    Will Blocking Help?

    Thanks to both of you. Lesson learned ! I will try blocking.
  7. krzykajun

    A couple more Lapghans

    Thanks ! I've been making them approximately 36" square. The striped ones are between 34" - 36" wide and about 42" long. I've sat with them in my chair and they feel comfortable and seem to cover well. I think the sizes will work.
  8. krzykajun

    Will Blocking Help?

    Thank you so much Granny Square !!! I realized how stitches run but I didn't realize how it would affect a large granny. And, yes, it is acrylic.
  9. krzykajun

    Will Blocking Help?

    I've been making lapghans to use up my stash of older yarn. I decided I would do any blocking when I'm finished. But I'm looking at this lapghan and it's all out of kilter. I don't understand what's going on. It's a granny square !! Why is it so off? My husband says leave it - that whoever gets it will be happy with it and not notice. I don't know what to do. Will blocking help or should I frog it? Opinions please !
  10. krzykajun

    A couple more Lapghans

    Here are 2 more: This one is made, for the most part, from this pattern: http://jillmc.tripod.com/granny.html I have seen a pattern somewhere that is almost identical to this lapghan. Since I cannot find it anywhere I used this pattern as my guide: http://lacycrochet.blogspot.com/2014/06/natural-girl-simple-baby-blanket-in.html Thanks for looking !
  11. krzykajun

    finally my afghan is finshed!

    Beautiful work.
  12. krzykajun

    Black, White and Pink set

    Gorgeous ! I love the colors.
  13. krzykajun

    charity baby ghans, preemies, and hats

    It looks like you have been a busy hooker too !!
  14. krzykajun

    crocheting for charity

    I just noticed your post. Here's a search on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#sort=best&craft=crochet&query=lapghans This website has several patterns: http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/seniors.html Here's another: http://kathyscrochetcabin.blogspot.com/2009/02/wheelchair-lapghan-pattern.html If you google crocheted patterns for charity you'll come up with bunches. Hope this can get you started.
  15. krzykajun

    2 more lapghans

    I've been at it again. I made this one based on this pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/natural-girl-simple-baby-blanket-in-variegated-yarn I worked the center strips a little different to make sure I had enough of the rust color. I made this one from this pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crocheted-starburst-baby-blanket Since I am stash busting, I am determined to use the yarn I have. That's how the black/camo ended up the way it did. I started it as a granny stripe, but didn't like the lack of contrast. So I ended with this. I didn't like the way my "inside" holes were coming out so I eliminated them and I didn't add the scallops.