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  1. It's a long narrow piece that can be used as a neck wrap or if you're very small waisted can be used as a belt. It's done with silk thread and 1450 bugle beads. It's divine.
  2. I used Gudebrod Silk thread to make a Lily chin lariat. The feel and drape is wonderful.
  3. I recently completed a beautiful lariat designed by Lily Chin. The pattern is in the following book: Knit and Crochet with Beads by Lily M. Chin ISBN 1-931499-44-6, Softbound, 150pgs, $21.95, Interweave Press, Inc. It required 1450 bugle beads strung on pure silk thread. I absolutely love it. I pre-strung the beads...it really isn't all that time consuming and it's rather theraputic, LOL. The results were worth it. Chantal
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