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  1. I didn't know about asking on etsy, because everyone will already have their own businesses which they are proud of, and busy with. So I didn't think etsy sellers would be interested in putting time into someone else's business? Do you think differently?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new here, and so don't know if this is the right place to post. But I have tried lots of other websites including ravelry etc in my search, and so now I am here! Basically, I am a crochet designer based in the UK, who mainly makes crochet swimwear and festival fashion! Page link below: www.theopaltree.com At the moment I have WAY too many orders to handle. I also expect that these orders are going to increase, as I am doing an upcoming fashion show, and a festival in summer (which will need a lot of stock). My arm is killing from crocheting day and night, so I really need some help! I would need a crocheter, preferrably in the UK so we can communicate easily, to help make my orders! Please comment even if you aren't interested, but have any other suggestions on where I can ask/look!
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