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    I have a 6yr old son, christopher, and my profession is an EMT.
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    Small town in WV
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    cooking, sewing, reading, crochet with thread, but use yarn too.
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    EMT , Mommy, take care of my brother who has MS.
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    simple quilts, pineapples-afghans and doiles, small projects like ornaments or fridgies, and baby things.
  • Crocheting since...
    1980, my mom taught me when I was around 10 yrs old
  1. Hey everyone, havent been on in ages, but i'm looking for a chart pattern for a firetruck. It can be small enough for a pillow . I wouldnt mind an afghan one either. thanks so much for helping me find this...
  2. However you decide, I have always found that using an odd number of stitches works best.....
  3. My coupon fairy has struck again! Just wanted her to know that I really appreciate it very much!:hug:hug
  4. Very pretty and delicate!
  5. Tampa Doll made an adorable set out of thread. It's on the show and tell I think in Holiday/Seasonal. I think they are so cute.
  6. Bet if you asked your friend to make you 5 pounds of homemade candies and fudge , the first thing she would say is well you need to buy the ingredients because they are really expensive. People don't get that yarn isn't cheap. They equate homemade with cheap alot of times and that is so far from the truth. Just tell her sorry, but you don't have any leftover yarn. All your yarn is for designated projects. You don't have any extra.....
  7. I think it looks GREAT!! People shouldn't ever tell a crocheter we "can't" make something.....because we figure it out eventually! I love it!
  8. I made this for my 6yr old son. I put a hook on it and he carries it on his backpack. It was easy to make and now Christopher wants a checker set made with some of her patterns.... Image is clickable
  9. I made this for a friend of mine due in December. It was a free pattern, but was much bigger. I used a different yarn , smaller hook and did the sleeves differently. The trim is actually #3 crochet thread in a rose color. I also made a hat, but for some reason didn't take a picture. Pictures are clickable
  10. Beautiful! I really love pineapples, they are one of my favorite designs...
  11. All are beautiful! But I REALLY LOVE the middle one. Beautiful....
  12. All of them are Gorgeous! I really love all the ones with more than one color. Just beautiful..........
  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! I especially love the blankie, sweater set that matches.
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