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  1. Thank you MaryPat! I did not think about eBay. I was able to find the one my MIL wanted on Bagsmith's website, but I'll definitely look at eBay in the future!
  2. Thank you Peggy85225! The sizes are not long enough for my MIL, but those crystalite hooks are really cute. I'll keep them in mind for myself.
  3. Thanks everyone for all the information! I'm so glad I joined. I never wondered why she didn't want the corded one, but now you all made me curious. I'll ask her when I meet her next month. And thank you redrosesdz for finding that 22 inch one! It is pricey, but because it's her 83rd birthday and she loves to knit, I was going to pay whatever that is necessary to get the hook she wanted. Woohooo!!
  4. Thank you for your advice, redrosesdz! She's actually looking for a straight hook, not the one with the flexible cord, because she held up her standard hook and showed it to me what it looks like. It's the straight one (bamboo or metal) with a ball at one end. I should've mentioned that when I asked my question. But thank you anyway!!
  5. Hi everyone, I just joined this forum hoping to help my mother in law find what she is looking for. When I met her last Christmas, she told me that she was looking for an Afghan crochet hook in size N, O or P with the length of 15 inches minimum (20 inches is better). I looked everywhere that I can think of and finally found a person on Etsy that makes it in 13 inches long, and he told me that's the longest he can go. So my question is, has anyone seen such a super long Afghan crochet hook? My mother-in-law's 83rd birthday party is coming up in March, and I wanted to surprise her wit
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