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  1. Hey girls !! Thank you all so much for your tips and ideas !! I´ll try to do that, change the thread and maybe a little more my stitch height, because I really want it to look like the original, I find them so beautiful !! If that works out, I´ll let you girls know ! <3 Cheers from Brazil !
  2. This is the last try I gave with this pattern. Sorry for the bad photo, it´s on a frame already because I had it with it. ehehehe My black cat is on the back.
  3. Hi there! I´m new to doily making and I´m having the hardest time trying to make it look like the pictures from the pattern ! Mine are often lose, so I tried to make a tighter sticht. Still, no success. I changed the needle size as well, but aparently it still doesn´t look like the picture at all. I´ll attach some pictures so you can have an idea of what´s my problem. I crochet just fine, making scarves, amigurumis, bags and even a dress once, but doilies? OMG, those are hard !!! Please help me ? (the pictures with blue background are mine versus the original from websites and magazines) Ops! I just realized I posted the 1st version of the round one, where I can see that I made a lot of mistakes as the number of rows and in the stitch itself. Still, you can see how different it looks from the original. I don´t know if it´s possible but I´ll try to attach the last try on that pattern, much better but still way different from the original.
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