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  1. wow, thank you for these fast and clear replies aha!!! I think I was making it wrong the whole time, that is why it didn't work very precisely thank you, I hope I will get better at it now! I am doing many different squares and rectangles and planning on stitching it all together for a 3 year old afghan for Christmas - it's really hard but really fun all these color changes
  2. hi, I am trying a few sc graphs ( like these: http://www.crochetnmore.com/dolphinafghansquare.htm )but somehow it never seems quite to work out and I need to adjust ands guess all the time . When woring in sc, after finishing a row , chaining one and turning, I try to make the first sc in the second one, but does the chained one counts as a sc on a graph?? When instructions are written it is easier, but when I have to follow a chart, and I see 7 white sc at the beginning of the row before it turns blue, do I sc 7 times or 6 times since the chain one and turn seems to have produced a sc?? I hope my question is understandable thank you!
  3. oh no, the pictures don't work anyomre . Does someone have the pictures? It sure sounds cute !
  4. thanks, I have two slipper pairs on the list this year, these are perfect and (for now...) I can follow the pattern which is rare! ( I am a beginner) It's the first time I am trying slippers and two strings at the same time, it's fun! but I would not make them in such a nice pale color , unless your floors are reeeaally clean (mine will be dark black and red and blue and gray!) thank you!
  5. thank you! I am noting all your web suggestions:) . her internet and computer is very slow, that is why I was thinking about printing things out. but I will give her a list of websites anyways so keep on the good suggestions:clap this summer I thought her to do friendship bracelets and beading, now she wants crochet and knitting. but for knitting I can't help her yet:P .
  6. oh , I didn`t think about that:( ! It`s not the kind of thing you think about with gifts for kids. I tried to find a nice book but either they are too difficult in English, or the projects are not nice:no .
  7. Hi, My niece would like to learn to crochet:hook . She is 11 years old and is learning English fast (her 3rd language). I would like for Christmas to teach her to crochet (I am not a pro yet, but I will be ok for basics:P ) . We will go for a whole day there and while my husband will play car racing with her little brother we will be doing girly stuff:c9 . So I bought her 4 nice girly colored soft cotton balls, a little purple hook and I would like to make her a bigginner's guide. Print nice illustrated insructions from different free sites, some nice easy patterns, and a list of great websites where she can continue to learn. do you have any recommandations from the net?
  8. so simple! thank you:clap !!
  9. oh, I like that! I keep bumping and loosing my cell, that should help:D ! thank you! but for my brother'sipod I need to find something more teenager male design:ohdear
  10. I try to use this tool to make my graph: http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/ how can you do it so it is smaller? I am working on things and would want a pattern smaller then their 'regular'. Any ideas how can I get it? thank you!
  11. thank you! the second link is really useful with nice pictures to show it, so much more clear then my books:yes ! so I think I found the explanations on this forum also: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=16763 ! I want to start some placemats for my mom with drawings of Moomins, if anyone know these.
  12. Hi, I am sure the info is here somewhere but I can't find it because I don't know how to call it:think . I would like to understand how can I design patterns drawing them from square graphs? I don't know if anybody knows what I mean.... I would like to know how it works when you are changing color on a crochet thing to 'draw' a drawing. I have seen a graph or two and would like to do my own, what I don't know is also which stich to use? I feel very unclear, sorry:P
  13. thank you for your warm greetings! I hate the colors of the mats but they were for my husband's mom-her taste, I just gave it to her yestreday. She wasn't thrilled but her family liked them, I know she never appreciates anything from her daugthers in law , so I didn't take it as a blow for the mats ! ah, mother-in-laws:ohdear ..... I will part with the turtle sunday, I think I will have to make one for me after because I like it too much. I went to see all the critter patterns on this forum and it's fantastic!!! I can't decide now which one to try:clap ....
  14. Hi, I have just strated learning crocheting in beginning september. The urgent need and desire to crochet or knit took me quite suddently, after I went back to Poland where i come from. I think somehow the memory of my grandmother got very strong after visiting my country. She used to crochet and knit such beautiful things: teddy bears for me with complete sets of clothings, hats, sweaters wich the mama cat and the kittens, ducklings etc:manyheart .... She died when I was 11 years old and I feel since then as if she would always be with me:c9 . My mom does not crochet or knit at all, so I inherited all the tools from her. I went to the library and statred with kids book about crocheting. I am slowly learning. It is a very special feeling to be using these same crochet hooks and some of the wool my grandma was using ! I just made these place mats for my momin law: and a little turtle for my baby nephew that squeeks (i put in a squeeker from a dog toy): I am also in the loooooooong process of crocheting a blanket:hook and crocheting I find is so good against stress and can't bite my nails at the same time:tup! so I am here to learn more:D ! kotek (means cat in Polish)
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