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  1. Hi, Thanks for the information. At this time I can't put through a membership free. Are you a member of this. I hope we can meet some time soon. Thanks, Trisha
  2. Hi, Thanks for your response. Merrillville, IN is near Crown Point, IN where my daughter lives. I visit there a lot so perhaps it is possible as soon as weather breaks. Can we keep in open as to see if we can meet. I love coffee so perhaps a coffee place. Trisha
  3. Hi Live in Manteno, IL and want to meet with a crochet/string group at a place like Panera Bread etc. If no group, then like to start one. Live off of I57 highway which is great for traveling. Manteno surrounding towns are: Bradley, IL.; Monee, IL.; Peotone, IL.; Beecher, IL,; Bourbonnais, IL.; Anxious to have a group to share tips, tricks and etc. Crafters (Diy) is also nice too. Thank you, Trisha
  4. Hi, Live in Manteno, IL off of I57 Want to meet in a crochet/string group. Thanks, Trisha
  5. Live in Manteno, IL Like to have a crochet / string group to meet together. Thanks, Trisha
  6. Hi, I live in southern IL and been looking for some crochet groups that meet and share tips and friendship etc. I like to start one if none around here. I searched online some meet groups want you to pay a monthly or yearly fee to create your group. I am thinking of starting an Facebook Crochet Meeting group. Love to have your suggestions, thoughts and etc. Thank you very much, Trisha
  7. Hi, Love this poncho! Beautiful work! This had to take some time but so worth it. Where did you find this pattern? I am more a video watcher to learn new patterns. Naming the poncho after your daughter is a so nice!
  8. Hi, I am recently retired, live in southern IL and have been crocheting for many, many years and was taught by a left-handed person when I working at an office downtown Chicago. My mother tried to teach me but I guess it just did not work out or I was just not interested. Then met this person at work and she made a beautiful granny square blanket and I fell in love with wanting to learn. Many projects later and I still like to crochet. Recent project: I just completed a Granny Square Cocoon Shrug Sweater for my daughter's birthday coming up on February 2nd, yes she was born on Ground Hog
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