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  1. PrettyPotato

    Dragon scale scarf and gloves

    Thank you so much
  2. PrettyPotato

    Unicorn Scoodie

    Thank you! She loved it and wore it immediately
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  5. PrettyPotato

    Unicorn Scoodie

    I'm quite excited to show my HOTH Unicorn scarf I've made as a request for a friend! I've made it with King Cole big value chunky yarn and cobbled together a few free patterns from ravelry. Here is my ravelry project if anyone would like to see higher resolution pictures or which patterns I used: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/PrettyPotato/easy-rounded-scoodie
  6. PrettyPotato

    Pincushion in a Jar

    thank you! if you give it a go please send me a picture, I'd love to see
  7. PrettyPotato

    Hooded Crochet Cardigan Sweater

    awww that's really cute!
  8. PrettyPotato

    Pincushion in a Jar

    Last weekend I made myself a pincushion in a jar and it's been so useful I wrote the pattern down incase anyone else wanted to use it http://prettypotato.co.uk/2017/01/22/quick-project-pincushion-in-a-jar/ If anyone has any problems with pattern please tell me as this is the first pattern I've written
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  10. PrettyPotato

    Hi all

  11. PrettyPotato

    Epic blanket

    That is amazing! I wish I had the patience to take on something so huge!
  12. PrettyPotato

    Learning to Crochet Resources

    thank you so much for your response! I love finding new places to look a crochet goodness!
  13. PrettyPotato

    hat and scarf for my sister

  14. Hi all! I'm currently writing up a quick start guide for anyone who wishes to learn crochet linking to all the resources I found useful when I was teaching myself. I learned primarily from Bella Coco (youtube), Wiki how and Craftsy. I'd love to to hear all your favourite online resources for beginners so I can make this a really useful hub for anyone learning how to crochet. Where did you first learn the basics? Who are favourite youtubers and bloggers? Are there any books or other physical resource that have really helped you out? Thanks!