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    I am a momma of 3 children, 14,7,3 yrs old. I am married to my best friend for 8 yrs. Jesus, coffee, and crochet are all that keeps me sane in this crazy world.
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    crochet and i enjoy playing mmorpg games
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    stay at home mom
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    4 years
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    baby items, hats, scarves
  1. Chasity Hamilton

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    Thank you Bailey4 and Amy for the advice!
  2. too much toddler, not enough coffee

  3. Chasity Hamilton

    blog newbie

    I am in the process of making a crochet blog. I already know what platform I am going to use. I know I want to post patterns I create, and possibly sell some of the patterns through the blog. What I am wondering is what are some other things I can post about and should I make my first post an introduction post? I have never blogged before and don't much about blogging especially making crochet the main topic of choice. I need all the advise i can get. thanks.