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  1. I just want you to know that I now know how my son feels. We are constantly having to keep him focused. The professionals call it redirecting. I won't tell you what my son calls it. Thank you for all that you are doing (including keeping us focused).
  2. I sent mine off this morning. I love that I can use up some of the scraps that I have. But, I must confes that my daughter and I had a great time feeling up the yarns at the store. Of course, we then had to adopt the sofest ones.
  3. You know, I have avoided the bi-color squares in my ghan because they are such a pain. But, know I am excited to try it this way. Thanks for sharing. I still wish there was a way to genie the thing into being. But no matter how hard I blink and bop my head, all I get is a headache.
  4. Mine are there! I was hoping one of those duckies would find mine. (funny side note, I collect rubber ducks and they were ready to join the search if necessary)
  5. I used to think I didn't have enought stash to work a project like this. But after making everyine's christmas ghans, I have tons of leftovers. Could I join in?
  6. Ok, I have commitment issues. I want to join, but I am afraid that down the road I will have something come up and not be able to follow through. So if I work on the projects listed I will just send them. (hope that is ok) That said, could we post the details of each month’s project in the first post or at least have a link to the post with the information. I have a hard time wading through the posts looking for the one that has the details, I KNOW I have read it but just can't find it now. For example, I think that March is matching scarf and hat sets. But for the life of me, I cannot find the post. I also like to have the details of the projects early so I can shop for yarn on sale. It is a lot easier to justify those big sacks of yarn if it is on sale and I know I will be using it. Otherwise I have to hide them under my shirt and that is not very effective. My hubby is wondering if I have some type of condition that I haven't told him about.
  7. Well, that was stupid. I asked my good friend what pattern she wanted for her birthday afghan. She had seen the P Star I did for my brother and wanted a quilt looking one. SOOOOOO, I found a great pattern. 2 1/2 inch squares. Over 500 of them. Now I am going insane. The sewing required is making me nuts. I find crocheting relaxing, but with this I feel that I just get started and it is time to weave in ends and sew a lot. Any advice? It needs to be done by spring. With the frustration I am feeling I can see it turning into a 3 year project.
  8. RE: After finishing my forth square I realized I forgot the 34th row!! I guess I'll have fun trying to fix them. Then again I'm glad I realized now. I could've been on my last square and realized it!! It took me forever to figure out how to count the rows on this one. So for the first 3 or 4 I just folded them into a triangle and when the edges met I figured it was square.
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the white. I had to frog the first one 3 times. Then found I had messed up one of the points and had to frog three more to fix it. As of last night I have the center star finished and two white pannels finished. I love the pattern but hope I never see it again.
  10. I think I will join this one. It will be a great way to use all of the white and black yarn form the mystery ghost project that I never finished.
  11. Andrea - Yours looks great. I'm off to pickup some buff. Thanks for the help.
  12. I just started late with the prairie star and now I have a problem. The fiesta wheat is only available online for $5 a skein. I refuse to spend that much, plus shipping and handling, just to finish a project that I am able to use leftover yarn from other projects. It's just the principle of the thing. Does anyone have an idea of what would be a good red heart variegated substitution?
  13. You know, I did mine in solids for my son, but the varigated colors work up so nice in this pattern. Bookchick, it looks marvelous! Now all I need is pictures of all of the other varigated ones so I can make up my mind of what to choose next. How is the pink camo working up?
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