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  1. Hey everyone. It has been a while since I've been on here, but I've been busy crocheting. I am going to try to get back into this forum. Y'all motivate me! I made a scarf for my nephew's high school graduation gift in his college's colors (UT - TN, not TX), a few dishcloths that I gave to various family members (and kept a couple for me). And, I finally finished both the front and back of the top I'm making for myself. Today I start putting it together. Looks like you have all been busy too. My next projects include a crocheted topper that you put on a flip flop to create a boot or house shoe, a shawl (both for me) and a child size Afghan (my 1st afghan - I'm using one color and a simple stitch so hopefully it will be.a quick one) for our local Kids House and an afghan for a Christmas exchange - since it will be my first full size afghan I thinking I should start on it very early. All the adults in the exchange graduated from UT so it should be a popular gift - we do a dirty Santa.
  2. Not much opportunity to crochet lately. Had the in laws here with us in Cabo last week. And now spending more time out and about for our last few days in Cabo before driving north. Glad to say I am missing it! But I have been reading this forum and am loving keeping up with y'alls projects! Keeps me inspired
  3. Still working on my sweater. Not doing a lot on it since we have been sightseeing. But, I'm getting close (12 rows away) to starting the sleeve section. Should be interesting and a big learning experience. Judy - hope your finger is feeling better and you are back to crocheting soon.
  4. That is awesome...great size and all those pockets are a good idea. I love it.
  5. Charis I like the scarf...pretty pattern. My sweater is coming along. Looks like it may be big for me but I'm not starting over so if it is too big I will gift it to a family member or friend. Here is a close up of the pattern. Fairly simple but I love the open stitch.
  6. Oooo....hadn't found Crochet Village yet...I like that website!! Heee is the link for the kit with the Hershey guy...very cute. http://crochetvillage.com/store/items/view/8/cv089_my_silly_valentine___first_class_mail/ Loving seeing everyone's projects. They all look great. Thanks for the compliments on my scarf....I know I think it looks good but it is nice to hear experienced crocheters say it looks good.
  7. Redrosesdz....thanks again! Got the gauge now and ready to start the pattern tomorrow.
  8. Thank you for the quick response! You are always so helpful. Now I think I understand....their use of the word pattern was throwing me....so a pattern is one of the trellis shapes? So the 4x4 gauge check would 5 trellis patterns across and 11 1/2 rows high? I will make my gauge check square larger than 4x4 as you suggest
  9. I am starting this pattern: http://www.lionbrand.com/gulf-coast-top-l60150.html and want to check my gauge but I don't understand the directions. 5 pattern reps + 11 1/2 rows = about 4 inches in Trellis pattern. Note: one pattern rep consists of a ch-so and the following sc 20sc = about 4 inch I don't understand the "5 pattern reps + 11 1/2 rows". I'm assuming that is the height of 4 inches and 20 sc = about 4 inches is the width...is that right?
  10. I'm trying to figure out the best way to use the scrubby yarn. What do you mean you use regular cotton with the scrubby? Are you crocheting with one strand of each for two stands at once or doing something else? What stotch or pattern do you use? Do yours dry fairy quickly?
  11. Finished the scarf. Learned how to make tassels...I was surprised how easy it was. Here it is...the 2nd scarf I've made - used dc this time.
  12. Other strange knots too....at more than one point it looked like one strand had been threaded through the other strand.
  13. Tried that and it worked great for a short time. Then I had to unwind it from around the skein and then unwrap it from the end I was using. It was trying to pull into a knot again and was entwined with the end I'm using. Ugh!
  14. I learned how to crochet a few weeks ago and have finished one full skein of yarn and parts of 2 other skeins. The skein I am currently using is strange and I am trying to figure out what I did wrong. None of the other skeins I have used had this problem. I pulled the end of the yarn from the middle of the skein as with the other skeins and used that to start my scarf. However, as I am using it , the other end of the yarn appears to be wound around the end I am using. It keeps getting tangled so that every few stitches I have to stop and unwind the other end of yarn from around the end I am using. Very annoying. Did I start with the wrong end? Did I do something else wrong? Help!
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