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  1. Written pattern Cat Paw (chair socks) is here https://diy-100ideas.com/crochet-tutorial-cat-paw-chair-socks/
  2. Ohh, sorry ... I've completely forgotten. Yes, I have a written pattern and it's here https://diy-100ideas.com/crochet-tutorial-ship/
  3. Meet this cute squirrel amigurumi made with velvet yarn. She is very soft and squishy!
  4. So sad 😪
  5. Last month i lost my lovely hammy. Her name was Tisha and she was the best hammy on the world. I suffered from depression and this sweet baby helped me feel alive again. Thank you Tisha for making me laugh every day, you was the best hamster I could ever ask for. I’ll always miss you and i’ll always love you. I made this crochet pattern in memory of Tisha.
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