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    I learned to crochet from my MeMaw when I was just a little girl. I'm a wife, Mom to 3 kids, and human mom to 3 cats.
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    Forney, Texas
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    Crocheting, playing piano, digital scrapbooking
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    Music Teacher/Choir Director
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    Boye and Susan Bates: aluminum and steel
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    afghans, potholders, doilies, bags
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    I think it was around 1980 when I was about 6 years old

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  1. A friend asked for one in Hot Pink and Dark Purple to give as a gift to her niece. Of course I had to shop for yarn since I didn't have those colors on hand. The dark purple didn't show up as well in the photo because I didn't realize I had turned the flash off.
  2. IvoryKeys

    Buddy Puppy

    HOTH - Stayed up a little late to finish this little guy but I couldn't stand not getting him done.
  3. IvoryKeys

    Messy the Fox

    Totally fell in love with this cute fox that my 12 year old asked me to make.
  4. IvoryKeys

    Birthday baby whales

    You do such awesome work! What a perfect gift idea!
  5. These are really cool!
  6. IvoryKeys

    Big cat

    Super cute!
  7. IvoryKeys

    Here's Tigger

    Super cute! You did a fantastic job!
  8. Just finished this up today. I love the way it turned out. I haven't lined it yet but that's on my list to do this weekend (maybe).
  9. My aunt sent a pattern book to me that she said was beyond her abilities but thought I would like a pattern or two especially the music one. Well, the afghan pattern was beyond my abilities (or rather it had a confusing section that really wasn't begging me to work it up) but I loved the treble clef panel and one of the note panels. I had been wanting to make a cover to lay over my piano bench since my cats have picked it with their claws jumping up on it so I modified the pattern a bit to see if I could make it work. Here's the result!
  10. I had to of been between 8 years old and 10 years old because my Memaw (grandmother) taught me to chain stitch and how to turn before she went into the nursing home. I remember working on chain after chain to impress her with getting even stitches. She also gave me a small loom (big enough to do those looped pot holders) and taught me to make pot holders then crochet an edging around them. My Aunt then took over one summer and got me started on a ripple stitch afghan. I worked on that off and on from 5th grade through my Senior year of High School. --- Don't judge -- more about that in a minute. When my Memaw passed away my Papaw gave me her hooks, an old Coats and Clark "how to crochet" book that she had obviously used over and over again, her potholder loom, and yarn. He said out of all her grand kids and great grand kids I was the only one who cared to learn from her and that she would want me to have them. I still have her hooks and use them! I am now 42 years old and crochet is my therapy. I love making things for my family and friends and for those not as fortunate as we are. Oh, that first afghan? Until this Christmas it was on my youngest daughter's bed. I made her an afghan out of yarn that she picked out and now we're using it on different chairs in the house as a "cuddle up" throw. It's not perfect and we've had to fix some places that have worn thin over the years but it's still being used all these years later.
  11. Hi from Texas! Sometimes you just need a break from something you love to remember the joy of getting creating. Glad you found your mojo again!
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