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    I'm a young girl with a passion for a lot of very different things. I love traveling and anything outdoorsy, I'm the type of person to do math and science for fun, I am on my school's robotic's team and I have participated in many joint projects with NASA like a rover that will explore caves and a satellite that will be launching in a few months! Aside from my academics, I enjoy creative activities and hobbies like dance, drawing, painting, sewing, and obviously crochet!
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    Crocheting (obviously) and anything else crafty
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    Highschool for now
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    Micro crochet and amigrumi animals
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    Since 2014, or the beginning of 7th grade

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  1. So, I recently found some old thread my grandmother had given me that used to belong to her mother in law (possibly? We aren't quite sure...). Inside the cardboard I found some old snowflake/doilie beauties and was inspired to try my hand at my own! Im quite happy with how my first one turned out!
  2. Wow! Is there a place I could find the pattern for this! Im just starting to take up doilies and this is gorgeous!
  3. I made a little frenchie! It is much smaller than it looks, maybe about 2 inches tall? My cousin wanted a key chain for Christmas, and she loves French bulldogs! Like my other small things, I have split embroidery thread in half! It takes a lot of patience, but it pays off. This one probably took me about 10 hours to make, (maybe longer?) But was done over the course of a month or so.
  4. I have been gone for quite a while, and Im finally back! I figured I would share some of what I have made in the last year! Here I have pictures of a bunny, small kittens, a mallard duck, two dogs, a little flamingo, as well as the giraffe I finished earlier today! I have made many many more things in the last year, but I think these are my most notable!
  5. Hello Everyone! I hope that I'm doing this in the right spot... Anyway, my name is Chloe, I'm 14 and I have been crocheting for about two years. Within the last year and a half I stared amigrumi, and Withing the last 6 months I have taken up micro crochet. I typically make or write my own patterns, but when I do use patterns I rarely stick to them exactly. I recently got to go to a fair in my town and showcase some of my animals that i have made. I enjoy pretty much anything crafty, and I am able to knit to some degree. Ummm, I'm not exactly sure what else to put, but I figured that I wou
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