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  1. I just finished blocking this one. It was crocheted in Aunt Lydia's Cardinal Red size 10 and measures 9.5 inches in diameter. One photo (IMG_2047.jpeg) has flash to show the finer details. It took about two full days to complete the 36 rows. Aside from popcorns, she uses lots of BPSC's in her patterns to give the final result amazing dimension.
  2. Veronika Rohrhofer on here has inspired me to begin crocheting with size 50 thread. I will never be able to compete with her skill and the beauty of her work, but here is my first sewing thread project completed. Piece is 6” diameter in Sew-ology size 50 with a Lee Ward’s 0.50mm steel hook.
  3. I love that pattern! And you finally motivated me to do my first size 50 project. I only had a .50mm hook, so it could be smaller.
  4. Apologies if it was taken wrong. Know that it was not intended with any malice. I deeply admire your work. I was just surprised to see you using anything larger than a size 50 thread. I have been stuck with size 10 for the longest time because anything else was hard to find (20 or 30) and thread (50) was darn near impossible for me to use. The smallest hook size I can find in the US is 0.50mm. That was in a collection of crochet hooks I inherited from my late mother. She apparently purchased them at Lee Ward's. I, myself, just last week did my first piece in size 30. This week (with the new bifocals), I am able to do the size 50 for the first time. Hobby Lobby had 50% off their Sew-ology pima cotton quilting thread. A 1200 yard spool was only $5 for solid colors. Variegated is the same price for 800 yards.
  5. Thanks for the tips! My searching kept turning up colored glass beadwork. It has been awhile since I visited Antique Pattern Library. Most of the items I saw there were collar pieces from the turn of the century, but I will have a new look. Thanks again!
  6. Go ahead and call me weird, but I am looking for traditional doily or lace patterns to crochet in thread for various countries. Each country or region seems to have its own particular style and technique (for example, Romanian point lace, Irish crochet, etc.). As I have been tracking the wife's ancestry through Czechoslovakia and Bohemia, I would like to create a piece of artwork suitable for framing as a Christmas gift that would reflect her heritage. Does anyone know of a better way to locate or search for traditional or antique patterns that would reflect a vintage style for specific countries? I would prefer to stay away from modern patterns. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
  7. Using size 20? The heresy! 🙂 Honestly, I don't know how you do it with the sewing thread. I have watched the videos, but can't fathom how you can even see that small of a hook. I struggle wit ha 1.00mm hook and size 30 under a magnifying lamp with bifocals. I would need a microscope to come anywhere near the miracles you produce! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
  8. Beautiful! I did the same and published the pattern on Ravelry some years ago. I love the geometric play with doilies to give them that eye popping 3D look.
  9. So many choices! I think I like the one at 4 o'clock with the purple flowers and white mesh surround. Gorgeous as always, Veronika!
  10. My wife found a bulk lot of J & P Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen size 10 at a yard sale for $0.25 US per 250 yard skein. The thread had been sitting in a storage unit since at least 1952. It was still in excellent condition with only slight discoloration on the outer bands. I decided to take advantage of it and begin making doilies. Though I intend to use most of the 12 skeins for antique doily patterns I have found at the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institute, this particular pattern from Patricia Kristofferson in Leisure Arts #3161 lent itself wonderfully to this thread. I was looking to build a test project to see how the thread worked itself up. The photo was taken on a black suede backboard on which it is being matted and framed to be used as wall art. You can notice the slight discolorations in the thread caused by the 70 years of non-climate controlled storage. I personally like the character of the thread and have decided not to bleach nor try to color correct any of the projects I make with it. Let me know your thoughts.
  11. I just finished this one after about a week of evenings. It was supposed to be 19 inches according to the pattern, but turned out to be 16 inches instead. I always tend to be a bit tight no matter how much I try to loosen up. This was designed by Patricia Kristoffersen in Leisure Arts Ultimate Doilies #3401 as Momentous Occassion. https://www.leisurearts.com/ultimate-doilies-1.html
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