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  1. Call it a character defect--I had to try it again and see if it would work without the slip-stitch row. I did go back and watch the part about the slip-stitch row on the tutorial more carefully, and as far as I could tell, it ultimately serves to hide where the diamonds are anchored, so technically, it's not necessary to the pattern working correctly. I'm not an advanced enough of a crocheter to care about that kind of detail and I'm stubborn, so here's the second shot. Because I was excited to try it again, I forgot to do two rows of each color, then decided to just go with it since it was a
  2. Granny Square -- I had seen that pattern! But it had looked more complicated to me originally. Looking at it more closely, you're probably right--it's probably much simpler. I'll have to try that on the next new blanket... after I try this one again. 'Cause, you know... stubborn. I'll post pictures when both are done. It'll be interesting since I already had a hiccup on this one. >.<
  3. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I was rather flippant in my initial post about why I skipped the slip-stitch row. It was more than pure laziness that made me skip it. It was the first pattern I'd found that required one, and I had difficulty finding any good instructions on how to do it (the instructions on the pattern itself were just "do a slip-stitch row.") It seemed to me like it's something so basic, it wasn't well explained in many places. I didn't do an exhaustive search--but after fifteen minutes trying to read various guides and glancing through some youtube videos, I rather
  4. So the main reason I joined this forum is looking for help on a new project I started. I found this: https://chrystalkay.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/squared-granny-throw-written-pattern/ free pattern for a granny square in a diamond thing and it looked so cool and basically simple that I had to try it. In retrospect, it probably is a little too graphic a pattern for a baby blanket (in colors that are a little too rich for a baby), but that was the original intention. Now, because I don't have patience with things like a slip stitch row (who needs that?) or trying to count my stitches in anything
  5. Hi all-- I'm a crocheter from Pittsburgh, PA. A friend of mine sat me down after high school and taught me the basics of crochet in an afternoon. I consider myself intermediate level (after some trial and error, I was able to make dragon-scale fingerless gloves for a friend), but what I really enjoy making are blankets. Big blankets. Baby blankets are fun for quickly-done projects and trying new patterns, but I much prefer the big guys that you can wrap yourself up in. I made a judgement error on my most recent project, so will be looking for some tips to deal with that hiccup. Also lookin
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