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    I am married for 6 years and have three lovely Grandchildren from two Step-Daughters
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    Marina Del Rey, California
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    Crochet, Crafts, Books
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    baby sweaters, scarfs
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  1. This is such a moving project. We should remember the children who were slaughtered as we crochet the butterflies. I work in a pre-school and will ask the kids to make some paper butterflies to add to the ones I crochet. Thanks for starting this project.:cheer
  2. Hi Ladies, I am turning to you to see if anyone has ever seen a baby blanket made out of squares called DUCKS IN A ROW.. wHEN I google it, the web site is no longer active and I can not find the pattern, it was so cute. It is not like the one on Cara's web site. Let me know if anyone has ever seen or made it.... Tks so much, Joanne
  3. Hi CV, I am looking for a pattern to make the Ducks in A Row Squares Baby Blanket that was put out 2 years ago by About.Com... It was on Aol.com and that link is no longer available. I would love to make this for my next Grandson, but I need the pattern. Please let me know if you have it. Thanks so much..:cheer
  4. So beautiful, each one is special. You did an amazing job. I saw a pattern recently where the top is crocheted exactly as you did it and the skirt part is sewn on material....also a great look:cheer:cheer
  5. WOW, That is a fantastic pattern...Can I find it on Annies site??
  6. Very beautiful dress.... Oh I love the elephant purse. Did you have a pattern for that? I would love to make that for a little special girl...:cheer:cheer
  7. Fabulous Work>>>>>>I love it but know I could not dedicate so much time to it...good job.:manyheart:manyheart
  8. That is one special pink sweater. What makes it extra special is the picot edging around the bottom and sides. Good job.
  9. That is amazing. You did a fantastic job on that ghan... I would love to know how long it took you to finish it.:manyheart
  10. I know a pretty little elf in Brooklyn, NY who sent me a beautiful pair of home made garnet earring...they are so pretty and can be also used as stitch markers but are wonderfult earrings.... Thank you so much for thinking of me.:hug:hug
  11. Hi Cluless, I am so glad you liked your package, I was worried you would not. You were such a generous swap partner and I loved getting to know you and will continue to do so..
  12. An Elf surprised me when I got home, she sent me 4 Crochet Magazines - Hooked on Crochet from 1980 and 1994 and also two Crochet World magazines...Interesting to see classic designs that never go out of style. My Boonville, NY Elf was very thoughtful.... thanks again.
  13. ME TOO, we will all be making fudge for the holidays. That was so thoughtful to send this recipe to all who asked for baking recipes. Have a good holiday to my sweet Elf..
  14. Well, my package came yesterday from Cluless and it was so heavy that two UPS men had to deliver it. I have never seen so many wonderful gifts and they are all for me!!! I am so pleased and love Cluless and CV.... I will post pics soon, but in this box was: 1. Homemade Crochetted Slippers with multi colored loops all over it. 2 Crocheted Blue Doily with Chanukah charms on it 3. Crocheted Hook Case 4. Crocheted Stitchmarker case 5. Assortment of Vanilla body wash, cream and bath stuff 6. Baking Cookbook 7. About 6-7 Crochet Pattern Books 8A 6 Hanks of Alpaca yarn in brown(just what I needed) 8. 4 Balls of Baby yarn 9. 7 Baby Hats for my Charity work with Stitches from the Heart 10. Crochetville Coffee Mug 11. Giaridelli Chocolate Coffee 12. Celestial Seasonings Assorted Herbal Tea - yum 13. Cocoa Du Chocolat 14. Two Pads to make Crochet Notes 15. A bag of Snowflakes 16. Scissor shapped like a Swan 17. Crochet Needles 18. Amazing Wood Hook 19. Flat Flower Pins 20. Vest Pattern for Crochet 21. Sweater Patterns and so much more. Are you as amazed with all this as I am. I want Cluless to know that I am still in shock and am most appreciative and my holiday is starting with wonderfully well and now I need to crochet.:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart
  15. A most wonderful elf from Brooklyn, NY sent me beautiful stitch markers that I think I will use as earrings as well. I was so surprised to get a puffy in the mail and love my new earrings.:hug:hug:hug
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