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    I am a USA transplant from Greenbelt, Maryland to Hawk Hills, Alberta - Canada. I joined the Widow Club in 2006 and God brought a wonderful man into my life in 2007 as just a friend online. I took a vacation to Alberta, Canada in 2008 and said wonderful friend proposed before I left. I returned in July 2008 and we got married then when I was laid off from my job in 2009 I got to come home on a permanent basis and now I am a Permanent Resident in Alberta, Canada. I love it here.
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    Northern Alberta, Canada
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    Reading, Crocheting, Cooking/Baking, Watching Judge Shows on Television
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    Housewife and Partner in Crime with Hubby
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    Cotton Dishcloths
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    Since 2004
  1. Hello and WELCOME from Alberta, Canada!!!
  2. Hello from Hawk Hills, Alberta, Canada (I am actually from Southern Maryland USA) - pull up a chair, toss out yer yarn, grab a hook and crochet away......................
  3. Wish you well as you take up that crocheting again. Also wish you well on all of the projects you make. WELCOME!!!
  4. Although my Mom could crochet..........she stated pretty firmly to me that since I was a lefty and she was right handed she could not teach me to crochet as I grew up........... Hence in my 50's I found a local class in my area and for $25.00 I learned to crochet!!!! I have to say I really enjoy crocheting. My usual item to make is dishcloths - but many different sizes and styles. I have the book 99 Dishcloths and late in 2016 I set out to make sure I made at least one of each one in the book. I did not finish that task by the end of 2016 and now in 2017 my project is to make a crocheted Hoodie Cardigan with yarn a neighbor gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I cannot wait to get it started just need to print the pattern I purchased online. The class I took allowed me to learn to crochet left handed and the instructor told me it would have been so simple for Mom to teach me by letting me sit across from her and hold my yarn and needle in the left hand........as us lefties can learn from righties by the "mirror approach"............. Thanks so much for all of you and your willingness to help when asked.
  5. Batwoman


    Hello from Alberta, Canada!!!!
  6. Welcome - I am from Southern Maryland originally but God and Love took me to Northern Alberta, Canada - I know where was my brain during all of this???? Thanks for your introduction. You are truly a woman of God and so glad to see more Believers here on this site. I have only met a few folks thus far and have to say each person has only added to what I know and been sooooooooooo helpful. I am a dishcloth crocheter (well that is what I usually do..............) we have enough afghans in this house but I love this site and I enjoy sharing what I make with others. HUGS to you and know you will be in my daily prayers. Patty aka Batwoman
  7. Hi Chloe!! I love your snowflakes!!! Welcome from an old lady............ I am from Maryland originally BUT I moved to Alberta, Canada several years ago. I love it in Canada. I hope you make a lot of great friends here on this site. Everyone has been helpful to me since I joined. Merry Christmas to your house from ours. Batwoman
  8. Thank you to all who replied with tips. YEP I was counting stitches and spaces......duh but I really appreciate all of the members who offered advice. Guess I need to close this one out as needing help. Thanks again to all of you who took the time to write out suggestions.
  9. Hello Patrice - you are not far from my former neck of the woods = Greenbelt, MD.
  10. Thanks for the tips ladies. I went back and started over and counted the 1st and 2nd rows and a couple of others in between AND it works. Not sure where my brain was yesterday when I was attempting this very easy pattern but thank you to the folks who set me on the straight path. Mine is not as tight as the one in the book, I just don't like to do all of them so tight - this one could be a bit tighter but it will work this time around. Thanks again .
  11. Kathy - I have not counted second row sc.................duh...........thanks for that info...........gotta restart the thing again as I took it all out. Gonna go and try that and will let you know, more likely tomorrow.........getting late for me or maybe more like I am just getting tired. Toodles and thanks for the reply.
  12. Did that - first row is good but when I start row 2 - I do a sc Did that and yep, only 23. It is the second and third rows where I go haywire........ row 2 - sc in first sc, (ch 1, sc in next sc) across. This is where I screw up. I am presuming all of the instructions within the parentheses are to be done for rows 2 - 28. That is what I have been doing. SC, chain 1, sc in next sc across, next row same thing. I know there is something I am missing here......and it must be obvious but I am clueless and getting frustrated because the instructions read so easy......... **banging head on desk**
  13. I am trying to make a dishcloth from a book titled THE BIG BOOK OF DISHCLOTHS. If anyone has this book the number I am having issues with is pattern #60, on page 34. I just cannot understand what they want me to do. I will type out the instructions so anyone else can offer help too - would not need the book. Chain 46. Row 1: (right side) Working in the back ridges of beginning chain, sc in second ch from hook. *ch 1, skip next ch, sc in next ch; repeat from * across: 23 sc. Rows 2-28: Ch 1, turn; working in Back Loops Only, sc in first sc, (ch 1, sc in next sc) across; do not finish off. I have started this dishcloth twice and each time I keep ending up with a lot of stitches and it begins to look more like a doily so I know it is something I am missing in the translation of the pattern from the page to my brain. Would appreciate help from whomever is willing. Thanks heaps in advance.
  14. You would be surprised at the difference it is here where we are when it comes to snow. I was used to the damp, wet snow and cold.......here it is a dry cold.........WOW what a change and welcome it is. Friends in the States do not believe I am wearing the same winter coat and stuff here as I did there....... I just love it here.
  15. Hello all!! I am a USAer married to a Canadian and moved here in 2009. If I had it to do all over again I would do it! God certainly knew the man HE wanted in my life and this one stole my heart and has given me much more in return. PLUS he is not bothered at all if I sit and crochet for hours day after day............. WHAT A PLUS!!! I am originally from Maryland - not far from Washington, DC. I now live in Northern Alberta, Canada and not near any large cities.......like 8 hours from Edmonton and 12 hours from Calgary BUT would I go back to Maryland? HECK NO........... Glad to find this forum, hoping I can get a bit of help with something I am stumped on in a pattern and glad to offer anything I already know to help anyone else.
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