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  1. Right I completely forgot I bought a load of bobby pins just for this specific reason lol. Thanks for the advice I'll give it a go!
  2. The internet! Youtube and Star Wars crochet kit.
  3. So I am working on: https://kiraraatelier.blogspot.com/2017/07/mimikyus-pattern-crochet.html I am at the ears part, where you start in magic round 6 then go 6 sc for a few rounds. I think I start off ok with the magic circle but by the time I get to the end I end up with about 12 sc in each sc when its only still suppose to be 6. I don't have any idea what is going wrong, has anyone else had this problem? I'm also working in black yarn so it is very hard to see. I put a very bright light on to help, but I still end up with too many stitches in the round.
  4. No the hook (and string) is in my right hand, I just hold the item I'm working on in my left. Well I hold part of it with my left but mostly with just my right: https://i.imgur.com/zOJ1ne9.jpg
  5. So, I learned to knit before I learned how to crochet. I've made several things and it seems to work ok but just let me know if I'm doing it wrong? If I need to relearn how to do it or of its ok the way I am doing it now. On this site: https://www.theknittingnetwork.co.uk/blogs/how-to/162155143-learn-crochet-from-the-start-how-to-hold-your-hook-and-yarn the closest one to the way I crochet is using one hand and looping the loose yarn with my right hand and holding the tension with my right hand as well. So it looks like I'm knitting in a way. Should I relearn how to crochet the way everyone else seems to? Or is it ok that I'm doing it this way?
  6. Hi, so I have an amigurumi book for Star Wars characters and nearly all start with something like: ch2 work 6 into first chain. Would it make any difference if I just started magic circle 6? I just like the magic circle better.
  7. So do you think that the yarn the originally came in the kit was a smaller weight yarn or number (sorry I'm new at this) then the one the author recommended? Thanks for the chart.
  8. Looks like its the yarn sizes? The one that came with the kit seems to be thinner then the DK yarn that was recommended. Should I have gone with something smaller? Like a 2 or whatever the equivalent is for the other measurements? Here is an image of the yarn sizes https://i.imgur.com/z7sEsap.jpg Here is an image of a completed Yoda and one in progress that is much bigger https://i.imgur.com/Z07wCH0.jpg
  9. So this is a bit weird but I got a crochet kit Star Wars Crochet. It came with its own hook (which I can't find anymore) - I made the dolls that came with the kit. Anyway so I'm making more of them and got the recommended DK/3 yarn and am using my LIHAO crochet hook kit (inexpensive one from Amazon). I am using the recommended 3.5 MM hook for this amigurumi and it's turning out much BIGGER then the original one from the kit. I don't know what is wrong. I think the needle sizes are wrong somehow. Because the hook looks bigger then the one I remember using originally. But it was suppose to be a 3.5 MM hook as well. Is it possible that my LIHAO set is just cheap and the sizes are wrong? Or maybe I'm missing something else? I found the original hook that came with the kit. It seems that they are about the same size. Guess the recommended yarn is just wrong then? To thick? I got the yarn type directly from the person who made the book.
  10. Ok I have another problem on the wings the instructions are: Wings (make 2) Chain 10, sl st back 5, chain 4, sl st back 3, sl st back to first stitch. Fasten off, leave tail. _______________________ What does sl back to the first stitch mean? The first chain? The middle stitch (on chain 5)? I don't understand.
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