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  1. Thank you!!! I'm still figuring out pattern reading and for some reason this one threw me for a loop.
  2. ​Can someone clarify this pattern for me? I have completed four rows and it doesn't seem to be right. Am I supposed to connect with multiple slip stitches as the piece gets bigger? I'm not sure if I am supposed to be going around and around the piece or working from right to left and turning.... Row 1: Ch 26, sc in 2nd ch and in each ch across. Rotate your work and continue to sc down the other side of the ch, join with a sl st. (50 sc in total) Row 2-22: hdc across (50 hdc)
  3. Well you guys are just awesome!! I was able to complete a bear ear beanie today with minimal trouble following the pattern, so it is getting easier for me. I'll definitely check out the links provided.
  4. I went back and double checked...yep...no headers. But now I know. A lot of trial and error for me with pattern reading. I guess it is to be expected when you are teaching yourself.
  5. Thank you for the link. Come to find out this was a step that was for the latter end of the pattern, but for some strange reason it was placed before the actual pattern itself. It threw me for a loop. I have next to no experience reading patterns. My grandmother taught me how to crochet and she never used a pattern, so I didnt know how to read them until I recently attempted to teach myself. I actually completed the tail of the blanket last night so I have hope now lol.
  6. I just purchased a pattern for a dragon tail blanket. It tells me to make a sc fsc. The only problem is it gives no measurement for the length of the fsc. Im making this blanket for my son for christmas. He is approximately 4 1/2 feet tall. I would like for him to be able to get a couple years use out of the blanket. Any ideas on how long my fsc should be???
  7. Hello, I have recently started crocheting again after many years. I foolishly took on a big project in the form of a dragon tail blanket for my son for Christmas. The pattern says to make a sc foundation but does not give a specific measurement for said foundation. My son is approximately 4 1/2 feet tall and I would like for him to be able to use the blanket for a couple years. How long should the foundation be? Any and all advice is appreciated. Sincerely, A struggling mom
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