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  1. Hi, you posted a question (re: baby dress length) in a section (Town Hall/Support Crochetville) that is supposed to be for the moderators to make announcements, which doesn't allow anyone to respond (I wish the moderators would fix that so only they can post there)

    Anyway, my 2 cents would be to take a measuring tape with you and drop by a store that sells baby things and measure a couple of similar items to give you an idea.  Or, here is a free pattern in multiple sizes, that has the length from top to bottom for each size to give you an idea.


  2. I am making a summer dress in a 12 month. The pattern says to make the length as long as you like. How long would make the length for 12 month size? Im measuring from the neck down. This is a gift so I don't have a child to measure it against.
  3. Hi All, I'm having trouble pricing my handmade goods. How do I figure out my cost of yarn if I don't use the whole skein? Is there a way to figure cost per yard? If there is 1020 yards and my cost it 9.99. If I divide 9.99 by 1020 the number is.0097941. Can you help? Lynn
  4. Does anyone know to create this solid granny square?
  5. How do you create seamless seams?
  6. Hi from NY is this where you start topic or just introduce yourself? I'm so new to forums!
  7. Thanks
  8. How would I figure out a price per yard. If I am buying an on sale yarn and use it to make several different projects with this yarn. Would I need to know the price per yard? Am I looking at this the right way?
  9. I got as far as attaching thec3 rows of chains and Thais where I couldn't follow the directions. Love your pictures! Is there a better way to explain it?
  10. I try those patterns. Those chains are con fusing unless they are referring to short rows. I'm trying to make a mini sock without sewing a seam in the back. Thanks
  11. I'm having a problem following this pattern at the heel. Can anyone make it clearer? I made the trouble section bolder. Working from toe up, foot has 18 stitches. Heel Rnd A: Ch 6, skipping next 9 sc, work sc in next 8 sts around. Heel Rnd B: Ch 6, skip 6 ch and skip 1 sc from previous row and sc in next 6 sts. Heel Rnd C: Ch 6, skip 6 ch and skip 1 sc from previous row and sc in next 4 sts. Continue to work sc, sts 5-8 will take you down the side of the heel (Rnd c,b,a), sc around the top of row 6, 16-19 will take you up the second side of heel (Rnd a, b, c), continue to sc around to start marked in row 4. Heel Rnd D: ch 6, skip 8 sc, sc in next 10 sts around. Rnd 7: Drop down one row to beginning of Rnd D, work sc in first st, work post st in the next 6 sts, continue with sc around to mark: count 18. Rnd 8-15: Mark row, sc in each st, slip st, fasten off.