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  1. I wanted to give everyone an update on this project and let you know how it went. Thank you all for your help with it! I ended up going with Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick yarn (thanks Ellie 13!) with a 9 mm hook. I wanted to finish it before Christmas so I took it to work and did it on my lunch break. It came out amazing and now everyone wants one for Christmas next year. I've added a couple of pictures of the finished product. Thank you again for all your help!
  2. Thank you all for the great suggestions (keep them coming!). I really appreciate your help.
  3. Hello all! I am very new to crocheting and am in need of some assistance with a blanket. I would love to make a replica of this (I've attached a few photos of the blanket in question) but I cannot figure out what kind of yarn this is. This was a gift to my family from a friend of ours about 12 years ago. I'd love to know if anyone can identify the type of yarn that was used for this. It is a very heavy blanket (we call it the coma quilt - it is certain that you will fall asleep when you have it on top of you). I've reached out to our friend about it but she cannot remember what kind of yarn she used. I'd really appreciate any help you can give me. I know it might be hard to identify yarn without touching it in person - but any information would be great. Thank you so much! ~ Jenny
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