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    Havent quite figured it out yet. Ive only made a few potholders, a half a baby blanket & 3/4 of a dress for my 2 year old
  1. ok so i have a picture from the internetof a test swatch of this stitch design & i love it but i can not for the life of me figure it out..i dont have a diagram/chart or any written instructions...just this picture i found one day on google and that irritating glare was there when i found the picture on google... im thinking the first row consists of ch5 sk 4 sc next ch5 sk 4 sc next ch3 sk2 5dc shell next, ch3 sk2 ch5sk4sc next ch5 sk4 sc next etc.. with a sc in the last ch. then beginning next row with ch5 & 1 sc in first chsp then ch3 5dc shell in 1st dc of shell below.then 1 sc 3rd dc of shell below then 5dc in 5th dc of shell below ch3 sc next ch5sp ch5 sc next ch5sp ch3 & repeat. ending with ch2 & 1 dc in tch. then the next row ch1 1sc in same st ch3 5 dc shell but idk where its being made/what stitch its in? i dont even know if i have the first part correct...everytime i try to work it up i cant get it to lay flat or look nice...it starts increasing & gets wider & wider with each row.. im not very experienced & i am almost completely self taught through practice & online blogs/videos/tutorials etc...i have known the basic stitches almost 15 years now but i really just started getting into this craft about 5 years ago. & since day 1 i have been way in over my head trying to do the advanced stuff that beginners shouldnt be worrying about like designing my own items & make one of a kind things with out really following a pattern & its just been such a headache but i still do it & i still love it. but yeah if ayone could maybe help me out..i can read written instructions no problem & can for the most part figure out any chart/diagram i come across..so either would be wonderful...thank you...
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