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    I'm 36 years old, married with two wonderful boys! My oldest is almost 12, and the youngest is 7.
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    Altoona, PA
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    Crochet, painting, just about everything!
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    I'm a stay at home mommy/wife.
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    I love crocheting afghans, I want to try making sweaters. I have made hats and scarves.
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    I started crocheting in 1994.
  1. Awesome job! It looks like alot of work went into this one!
  2. Wendy, The colors I used were Red Heart's Bright Red and Royal Blue. I started with the 3 rows, 1 row of the black, then 3 rows. Then 1 row of the black, 5 rows, 1 row of black, 5 rows, etc. I increased by 2 more rows for each 'section' if you want to call it that.
  3. I finished last week, just in time for my DS's 9th B-day! He loves it!
  4. Thank you, that's simple enough! I wasn't sure if there was a 'trick' to ending it!
  5. I finished my son's spiderman rr last night, and started the web. I understand how to do it, but how do I finish it when I get to the center? I have a loop now, where my hook would be if I were still going to make more web. I don't know how to end, if I pull the yarn up through the loop, then it's not connected to the afghan and just hangs. And I tried pulling it to the back to tie off, and it pulls the web apart. What did I do wrong?
  6. honey112, very pretty rr...your friend will just love it!
  7. I hear ya, my son and I have been miserable this past week! I am sooo happy that it rained last night, and we both woke up unstuffy and clear! YAY!
  8. Oh this one is going to be nice and soft! I like your colors too!
  9. WOW, I love your RR! I think a purple would look great, if you can find a nice bright one!
  10. Carol, maybe I will have to try that! I usually stop what I'm doing to listen to him and talk, but I wanted to get a few rounds started. So...I guess I tack it up to a lesson learned...lol. And btw...I looked at your blog, very nice projects, your work is beautiful! q8 crochet, the pattern link you listed is what I have, I think it's posted on another site as well, but thanks! I wasn't paying attention when I started it ! I really like the round ripple, and I am going to make another one after the Spiderman. I have some left over yarn I want to use up, hope this thread keeps going
  11. I pulled all the yarn out of the Spiderman, and started over. And again, I had 9 points . So I pulled it apart, and started again. Well, I am blonde...and I had a big big blonde moment(or moments!). On the thrid round, it says.. ch3, *skip the next st,1dc, ch2, 1dc in next st. Repeat from *. For some reason, all the years of crocheting had left me and I was doing 1dc,ch2,skipthe next st,1dc,ch2,skip the next st.... :lol ! Oh my, it's better now..I found my way back!
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