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    I'm 36 years old, married with two wonderful boys! My oldest is almost 12, and the youngest is 7.
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    Altoona, PA
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    Crochet, painting, just about everything!
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    I'm a stay at home mommy/wife.
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    I love crocheting afghans, I want to try making sweaters. I have made hats and scarves.
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    I started crocheting in 1994.
  1. Good for you! I love tunisian! I have that program too, but I didn't know I could use pictures??!! How did you do it? OK..I just figured it out! I can't believe I have this for ever and never used it for pics!! LOL
  2. Awesome! I love the colors!
  3. WOW! That is amazing!! Great work!
  4. I am addicted to facebook...play a lot of the games. Add me if you like, just put Crochetville in the message part of the friend request. http://www.facebook.com/ctyoder
  5. Wow..lots of great graph-ghans! Chrisdfriend...I love SpongeBob, you are doing an amazing job!! Can't wait to see this one when it's done! I am working on one for this summer's Community Picnic. It will be donated and raffled off. It's Edward from Twilight...LOTS of black yarn!
  6. 3 ready for PA, I think I have enough yarn for one more!
  7. Here is the link where they say the new colors should be announced in April http://www.scarvesforspecialolympics.org/questions Won't that be great to have the colors in April! Then we can get a big jump on the project for next season's games! I don't know what I did, but the above is a post from another poster.
  8. from PA! Would love to see your little cupcakes!
  9. :hiHello and from PA! You've come to the right place, everyone here is super friendly and someone is always willing to help! Glad you joined us!!
  10. I have 2 done and a third started for PA. I saw a post last night on Facebook from Wyoming that asked for help. They have 34 out of 400. I went and checked other states progress. I can't believe this hasn't picked up. The first year they did this....there was an over abundance of scarves! Now it seems the word hasn't reached very many. I am going to get more yarn for another state that has a later deadline.
  11. Great work!! Is this done is single crochet or did you do the tunisian stitch? I make my graph ghans in tunisian. I have had trouble with color changes when I do single/double crochet, but when I do tunisian there's no noticeable color change. But I think you're afghan looks amazing, I enlarged it and didn't see anything wrong with the color changes!
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