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  1. I never heard of that temperature Afghan. That is so cool! That's another idea! And yes adding rows of white is a Great idea as well! With all the great ideas I want to try them all! Another excuse to get more yarn! ????
  2. Thank you so much. That helps a lot. I think its best to just buy more yarn. Id hate to make something based on limited amount of yarn i have. I rather purchase more and make something nice I will definitely look for a join as you go pattern as well. I appreciate everyone helping me out!
  3. Its a bit funny being new to crochet. I tried for the first time to read a pattern. It was for a real pretty daisy wheel granny square. I just assumed treble and all thenother uk abbreviations would be easy to figure out. I was so wrong. Lol so i made up my own and it was actually pretty fun. Ive practiced making granny squares but joining is a whole new ballgame for me. Thank you Sooooo much for your help! Im going to use all this advice and figure out what to do. I think i will definitely purchase more neutral skeins. This is exciting to me! Lol
  4. Omg... me too! I thought "Yes i have 3000 yds of yarn, The things i could make". Come to find out its not much If i made small granny squares would that use up lots of yarn? Wha S the best way to stretch out 3000 yds worth of dk yarn?
  5. Charis.... this is so helpful! Omg i didnt know this generator existed. Lol The things I learn on here!
  6. Thank you so much... I'm headed to ravelry right now! I've never done a chevron and I'm sort of excited to look into that. Thanks again
  7. Hi everyone. Im stuck.... i got excited when i saw some yarn. I purchased the bundle of 10 skeins. And now I have no idea what to do with it. Lol Its the Paintbox dk yarn and each is 302 yds. I think id be happy if i could create a blanket for my 17 yr old daughter. Id love to do a chevron or granny squares to make a blanket, or v stitch. How do i plan out a project? Any advice would be SO great. Im sorry im such a newbie.
  8. Thanks ladies! I didn't think about the thickness Thanks Tampa and Granny squares I'm going to check that out. And I think you're right, I'm going to cut the strip in half... More yarn
  9. I'm a total newbie to crochet... I'm getting way ahead of myself thanks to all these awesome crochet projects I keep seeing. I tend to think " oh that should be easy, I can do that". Then I realize I don't know how to read patterns. I'm so impatient and never tried. I got so frustrated trying to read it so I turned to YouTube. I've made a chunky blanket, coasters, beanies, slouchy beanie (which is too tight for my head) fingerless gloves, 60 small granny squares (which I have no idea how to put together) and a bunch of I don't know what they are! ???? Then today I got so excited that I found a king size flat sheet that I didn't need. Or at least I convinced myself I didn't need it just so I can rip it up! ???? Anyway I followed a video and I cut the strips about 1 inch thick. It came out great! Now my question is... What are some of the best things to make with it? I guess I just felt like cutting this sheet up because I have no idea what to do with it now. Lol any suggestions would be great! I'd love to make a basket to put all my crochets stuff in but I'm not sure... Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello! I am new here too... How's the P.I. doing? Hope all is well!
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome! You are all so awesome Can't wait to get tips and ideas and just get better!
  12. That's awesome... You're not too far???? So nice to meet ya!
  13. Crochetwomen32... Where in SA are you from?
  14. Glad to be here! San Antonio... where are you abouts?
  15. Glad to be here! San Antonio... where are you abouts?
  16. Hello everyone... I'm super new to crochet. Maybe 2-3 months into it. I've created a bad habbit, I'm guessing I am holding the yarn wrong. My left wedding ring finger always tenses up and is sore as in Arthritis sore. I've tried to hold it different ways but I fall back to the same way and cause that finger to hurt pretty bad. any tips on how to hold the hook and yarn properly? I will check out other sections of the site to see if there's some advice out already. Thanks!
  17. Very new to crochet... Got into it due to anxiety problems and this has definitely been life changing! I love to learn all I can because it's just so fulfilling to see a finished project ???? Wish I had learned to crochet years ago...
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