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  1. Hi, thank you for the explanation, I managed to take another close up, let me know what you think , I added it to the original post.
  2. HI thanks a lot for your reply. What do you mean by chain x, ? chain 1 ? Yes I did mean the body, there are those 2 knot type looking stitches on either side of the stitch coming from the row above. I added a couple more pictures, but it's that part that I can't understand, looks like a bobble, but its not, in the flesh it looks like a knot?
  3. Hello Everyone, I am Anne! I am new here, I was trying to figure this stitch out and can't figure it out! It's the knot-like sections that I can't get, bobbles don't work for it! I am stuck! It is a very fine piece, I am using a 1.05 size hook, but could go finer, I just can't find my fine ones at the moment, I usually work on chunkier pieces! Any ideas out there of what this stitch can be?! Many thanks for any ones advice Anne
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