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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you a Christmas stocking pattern that I have designed. The pattern is free and you can find it here http://lullabylodge.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/free-pattern-granny-stripe-christmas_22.html Happy Christmas crafting... Catherine x
  2. Pretty pattern, are you doing your blankets in the same colour way?
  3. Thank you for your kind comments Krys. I don't usually block blanket squares unless they are very lacy... I join first and when the blanket if finished I give it a blast from the steam iron to loosen up the stitches. I don't touch the fabric with the iron just hover over it with the steam on. This is a really quick way to block things and works really well on acrylic. It drys almost instantly too.
  4. The Sand and Sea Afghan looks really pretty. Can't wait to see yours when it's finished.
  5. Hi everyone. Right now I am working on a blanket inspired from The Gilmore Girls. I am using the Willow pattern by Jan Eaton to make my blanket. I only need to make a few more squares. Then just the joining and border to go... What blankets are you working on? I would love to see some photos... Catherine x
  6. These are so festive. I have never made dishcloths before, I never saw the point... but these would definitely put a smile on my face while doing the dishes. I think you have me converted!
  7. So cute! They look good enough to eat...
  8. These outfits are soooo adorable. Thank you for sharing.
  9. These are really cute. I just love the snowmen.
  10. Absolutely stunning! The hard work was well worth it, this is a beautiful blanket...
  11. Such a pretty blanket. The corner to corner pattern is so effective. http://lullabylodge.blogspot.co.uk/
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