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  1. Thank you for the lovely feedback, it was exactly what I needed to read and thank you for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it! I will also check out those other crochet blogs you listed too
  2. I created this blog to go with my online store, after lots of my friends told me I was really good at making items and I should sell my makes! I'm currently getting a lot of new suggestions from friends to make to add to my store! However where I am struggling with, is the blog. How does it look and what would you say is missing or could have some improvements on (please be honest, what with us all being Crocheters, I'd like some honest feedback), I've asked my non Crocheter friends and there like it looks nice, not really what I was after. www.ranson.cc
  3. There is never a silly question in at Crochetville. When you start the back loops, pop a stitch marker in the first one you make, or a lay a piece of different colour on the top of it after you made it and continue on till you get to the end of the round, then when you sl stitch, which is the join, take the stitch marker/different coloured yarn our and pop your hook into the back loop,. Wrap your yarn around your hook and pull through the stitch Here's a how to slip stitch video And here's a video how to slip stitch in the round I hope these help x
  4. Made this white corner to corner blanket shawl for a friend of a friend who was expecting! This time I added a pink ribbon to it!
  5. Awww wow that's beautiful, we would love to see your squares
  6. Great Job there! It’s absolutely gorgeous xx
  7. Hi River, it’s lovely to have you here, it’s always nice to find that others like myself found crochetville through looking for either patterns or advice, it truly is an amazing community of like minded people here on the Ville. I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you some more,
  8. Welcome, what would you like to know?
  9. Hell and welcome to this wonderful corner of the web
  10. No not at all, I love to help in anyway that I can x
  11. Thank You x I’m just glad I could help my niece xx
  12. It’s just a basic corner to corner blanket then I used the border off another blanket, for some reason my iPad won’t copy and paste into the thread so I will send it to you in PM
  13. Thanks I’m currently working on another one, but white with pink ribbon x
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