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  1. I was asked to make baby blanket for a friend, for her friend who was expecting a baby, however she and the expectant mother didn’t know what she was having! She wanted to leave it as a surprise! I used variegated yarn, in brown tones. Once completed the corner to corner stitch, I stuck a shell edging border on!
  2. Thank you ladies, it was the husbands input to change it to an M, I was just going to do a checkered effect!
  3. Thanks ladies, It's great to be back!
  4. Don't they just and thanks hun
  5. It's a great feeling when someone appreciates your work
  6. Hello Emma Lovely to meet you, whereabouts in the North East of England? I too am in the North East
  7. A friend of my daughter's had asked me, she's only 10 , if I would make her baby brother who was 16 months a blanket! She asked for Blue! Well I thought yeah no worries, that's not a problem and I decided to create a letter M in the throw! A little bit of personalisation! I can't share the photo with the little boy, as it's not my own child, but I've been told that he won't let go of it!
  8. One night last month, a good friend, who is also my neighbour seen something and tagged me in it and asked me to give it a try! So I bought the yarn to make the project and matched the yarn colours up as close the ones in the photo! I had made 20 skulls, and put a granny square border around them to make the squares.. In the photo, the blanket, had looked like the squares were all sewn together, but I find personally crocheting them together is a lot neater and tidier! See the photos for the finished product and it was finally nice to have someone appreciate my work, she loves it! P.S this was my first time I'd ever crocheted a skull, or managed to crochet them into squares! So used to just making granny solid squares!
  9. Hello. It's been a while since I logged on here! I'm Nikki, I'm 31 I'm Wife and Mother I'm from the United Kingdom I look forward to connecting again with you all!
  10. Hello Everyone, I would love some feedback if possible! I was in the hairdressers on Saturday getting my hair and nails done for my birthday yesterday! When I was talking to the beautician about wanting to go back to work, but would still like to work from home if possible, she asked if I had a hobby I could turn into a small business of something, she suggested I do a post on my facebook wall, my personal account of a recent project and say that I was looking to start selling things that I make. This is something that I enjoy, the crocheting that is. I can crochet beanies, flower bouquets, scarfs, granny square afghans etc. Is there anyone here that sells handmade stuff? If so, Could I ask you a few questions? How do you charge potential/customers? Taking the cost of the materials you need to buy to make the item how do you charge your customers? How much do you charge for delivery? Do you take a deposit first? As incase you start making things and potential customers then change their mind?
  11. Hello Crochetville Community! I'm a full time mother and wife from morpeth! I look forward to connecting with you all!
  12. Hello from Morpeth, Northumberland, UK
  13. Is There A General Board? Just for general chit chat?
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