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  1. Thanks hun, shame I've ran out of white  and now running out of black, but just going till I have to buy more.

    Its only taken 10 months sitting in a box waiting to be finished,  life has totally taken over 

    I've got until April to finish it

  2. An update on the R2D2 throw, been so busy the past 6 months!

    I love how I now have time to sit and finish it off!

    I've ran out of white yarn, however I'm doing the grey blue and black parts first,  with the yarn I have left then I can judge how much of the grey ans blue I need to purchase on top of white and more black. 





  3. 13 hours ago, Happy Housewife said:

    I am a new Grandmother of a boy and a girl.  My favorite thing to do is crochet for them.  Yesterday I made a gingerbread hat for my 2 month old grandson.  

    I was taught the basics as a child, from my mother who taught herself by watching her mother in law.  From there I am self taught and have been crocheting for at least 40 yrs.  Until recently, I have not used many patterns.  I learn something new everyday and am excited to get to know everyone here!  Posting a photo of the hat I made for my grandson yesterday:



    Hello and welcome from the UK....

    beautiful hat

  4. When I found out the husband's nephew's fiancée was expecting, I told her when I found out what sex they were having that I wanted to make a baby blanket for her.  I love making blankets for others and turning pretty yarn into something gorgeous.  I decided to go for a sunburst granny square pattern and followed Sarah-Jayne's (Bella Coco) Pom Pom Edging tutorial on YouTube for the border.  I also made it in her favourite shade of purple too!

    At the end I still had one ball of purple and one ball of beige left, so I decided to try Valerie's First Birthday Crochet Dress pattern a go and I think it turned out fab!  Which is even more a bonus that that the Nephew's Bride to Be loves it too!

    I'd love to know what you all think!


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  5. 37 minutes ago, bgs said:

    Its going to be a really neat afghan.  You are off to a good start.  Looking forward to see it's progression.

    Since I last took that photo, I'm upto the blue rows, I will take another photo over the weekend, once I've done some more!

    It will be my first attempt at a pixel blanket

  6. So the son asked me to make him a Star Wars Blanket! So I decided to have a try at making a pixel art blanket! 

    Making small granny squares (2 rows in each) and joining them as I go.

    I will add to the thread as I go!

    Thanks for reading 



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